Key technology partnership for the development of new and innovative applications

DOMO Engineering Plastics shows its muscle with a large booth in the very centre of the Raw Material pavilion. The extensive exposition of automotive, electric, industrial and consumer goods applications presented the big step ahead made by the company in innovative and high tech applications. An area of the booth was dedicated to a technology corner, presenting two important technology partners: Arburg and EV Laser. With Arburg DOMO presented a new automotive - under the hood - application moulded with DOMAMID® PA6G30 AF1 H (Polyamide 6, 30% glass fibre, high fluidity and heat resistant) on an Arburg ALLROUNDER 370 A electronic moulding machine. Together with EV Laser DOMO Engineering Plastics presented its full range of lasermarking colored polyamides 6 developed for the electric and agricultural markets.

Domo stand at PLAST

Econamid® product range and environmental performances

Another important area of the exposition platform was dedicated to colours and the Econamid® product range. As a major producer in the recycled polyamide compounds market, DOMO emphasizes the environmental benefit which is gained by the use of the Econamid® grades. The Life Cycle Assessment study carried out by the company at the end of 2014 confirmed a positive environmental impact on the 3 measured indicators: global warming potential, gross energy requirement and total resources consumption.