In this respect, DOMO Group has been fully committed to the production and delivery of its top -quality Nylon films, bringing the following benefits to most critical FP structures:

  • High mechanical strength
  • 360° isotropic performance
  • High flexibility and toughness
  • Good barrier to oxygen, chemicals and aroma substances
  • High transparency
  • Thermoformability
  • Low environmental impact

In particular, DOMO Nylon Film Solutions Spa, with decades of experience in flexible packaging, continues to develop and distribute the following products:

  • FILMON ® BX (Bi-axially Oriented PA films, double bubble simultaneous stretching technology)
  • FILMON ® CS (Cast non-oriented PA films)
  • NYLEEN ™ “Less is More” respective versions (LCA specified )

Used for lamination and/or printing of many critical FP structures, these advanced nylon films provide unmatched process and quality consistency.

DOMO Nylon Film Solutions continues to focus on the yearly reduction of carbon and water footprints of their products thanks to unique upstream integration, 100% renewable energy sourcing, and logistic optimization. DOMO Nylon Film Solutions aim continues to be to deliver environmentally friendly nylon film solutions for food, pharma and industrial packaging applications.