Tennis balls on clay court matches usually see a lot of wear and tear – quicker than on other surfaces because of the extra force that needs to be applied by the players. For this year’s French Open, Wilson created a high-performance ball especially for clay court use, designed to be more durable than usual and adapted to the slowness of the surface. These new tennis balls have been designed to endure longer rallies.

Thanks to our customer WSP Textiles, the Playne’s woven felt, which covers the tennis balls, is made from a mixture of fibre, including wool and DOMO Polyamide 6.6 fibers. It serves to slow the balls’ speed in the air to better control the strike and soften their bounce. The use of PA66 fibers also helps to improve wear and resistance to frictional contact with players' rackets and the ground. Along with that, the felt is expected to pick up less dirt and moisture as the rally progresses, which will help in maintaining consistency. DOMO’s high-Tech PA66 fibers for the felt perfectly meet such technical requirements.

Based in Valence (France) since 1955, DOMO Performance Fibres develops, produces and sells polyamide 6.6 fibers which are used in many industries such as nonwovens (abrasives, aeronautics), flooring (carpets), high performance textiles, flock (for upholstery, automotive, flooring) and other everyday consumer products. With over 60 years’ experience in the flock tow industry, DOMO is committed to providing the best Nylon 66 flock tow in the world.