Since Tuesday morning, the preventive measures already in place for some restricted areas in the north of Italy are extended to the whole country. The entire nation of Italy has been placed on lockdown with all public gatherings cancelled and all schools and universities closed until next month.

Business activities as well as public transport will remain operational and we are implementing the measure needed to grant our business continuity.

Regarding our Italian operations, we can confirm the following:

  • All our production sites are operating regularly and can ensure business continuity;
  • The new rules issued by the Italian government do not affect the free movement of goods from and to Italy and will therefore not affect our activities;
  • All DOMO employees have been instructed with the Italian Ministry of Health guidelines and internal extra prevention and protection measures to safeguard their health;
  • Sales network is active and if needed working remotely;
  • Supply chain (logistics from and to northern Italy) has been instructed with extra prevention and protection measures.

We will keep you informed about any further updates concerning this topic.

All other DOMO facilities around the world are fully operational. In addition, the Chinese Jiaxing site, where the company has acquired an important experience, is gradually returning to normality.

For the time being, we invite you to refer to your counterpart at DOMO for any additional information you might need and to trust on our full transparency to do whatever it takes to overcome this tough situation.