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DOMO Chemicals crosses the Atlantic ocean

A two-week journey across the Atlantic: On 4 November 2018, French  sailor Yoann Richomme will sail the famous Route du Rhum from Saint-Malo (Brittany, France) to the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe.

DOMO is sponsoring the French sailor on this legendary 4,000-miles long regatta. Yoann and DOMO share a common philosophy: agility (positive – focus – speed) and perseverance are crucial to success. The naval architect trusts the outstanding sustainable performance and reliability of Nylon, the material of choice for its sails, ropes and apparel.

What is the Route du Rhum?

The Route du Rhum (French for "rum route") is a transatlantic sailing regatta, which started in 1978 and which is held every 4 years in October / November. The journey leads 3,540 nautical miles (approximately 6,500 kilometres) from the Grouin headland in the north of Cancale off the French Saint-Malo to Pointe-à-Pitre on the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe. Crossing the ocean usually takes about 16 days. Depending on the weather conditions, it could be as low as 13 days. 

Crossing the Atlantic in only 2 weeks would not be possible without polyamide 6. The spinnaker sails used in the boat are made of Nylon fabric, known for its light weight and high stiffness. Additionally, Polyamide 6 ropes stand out for their high strength and strong resistance to abrasion. Functional apparel textiles could not exist without the strength of nylon.


Yoann Richomme, a ship architect himself, has already won several regattas, including the one-handed sailing regatta Solitaire du Figaro. About sailing itself the Frenchman says: "Competitive sailing is first and foremost a mechanical sport. For me, it's an engineering thing, especially as we have reached staggering performances based on the very high technical standards today. It's a universe where I feel good."
After his arrival, Yoann Richomme will already start preparations for the ultimate adventure: the Vendée Globe, one of the most challenging regattas around the world which is set to take place in 2 years. Also held every 4 years, only the world's best sailors gather for this non-stop regatta.

We wish Yoann good luck!


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