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DOMO Engineering Plastics at “SMART PLASTICS”

The SMART PLASTICS conference, organised in Milan end of June 2016, was dedicated to high-performance polymers and provided a program of reports on the state of the art of engineering polymers and composites, of their applications and design and processing technologies.

Leonardo Comperatore, head of R&D of the Italian site of DOMO Engineering Plastics, presented DOMO’s latest high performance material developments and their most important potential applications.

Technology and innovation for new applications goals

One of the most recent application goals of plastic materials involves the lead replacement in products requiring a high specific weight. To this regard DOMO Engineering Plastics has developed high-density, non-toxic compounds Ecomass, featuring balancing, weighting, vibration reduction and barrier to radiations.

Ecomass enlarges the number of potential application fields for the engineering plastics industry.

When metal replacement has to add aesthetic qualities to functional features, DOMO proposes Domamid XS which completes the range of aesthetic materials for metal replacement.

Domamid XS offers metal replacement alternatives solutions on PA6.6 base and is developed for molding of parts that require high stiffness and excellent dimensional stability.

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