DOMO Chemicals signs agreement to acquire Solvay’s Performance Polyamides Business in Europe

Deal includes Engineering Plastics operations in France and Poland; High Performance Fibers in France; Polymer and Intermediates operations in France, Spain & Poland  |  Read More

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Steady technologic innovation and heavy investments in certifications make DOMO a growing player in the flame retardant business

Domo Engineering Plastics’ main objective is joining forces with its customers in innovating their business. Also in the E&E segment Domo’s customized approach makes the life of its clients easier.

The E&E segment constitutes about 12% of the overall polyamide market by volume, used in electrical & electronics applications, thanks to its high electrical and thermal resistance. Increasingly stringent fire codes and flammability requirements, both in building materials and home appliance production, are keeping demand for flame retardants steadily high.
The electrical industry is amongst the most demanding in terms of safety, reliability and functionality requirements. Thermoplastics and polyamides in particular increase both mechanical and design performances.

DOMO Engineering Plastics offers a broad portfolio of flame retardant grades to serve this market. DOMAMID® UL-listed products offer its customers solutions for a broad range of electrical applications including industrial switches, fans, electrical fuses, plugs and sockets. The halogen-free flame retardant product range is the leading product for this particular industrial sector, but DOMO is producing also halogenated and red phosphorous based flame retardant grades.

The company has invested a lot in the past year in new technologies and UL certifications, which are essentials for this segment.
Only two months ago DOMO entered a new product range among its UL listing: DOMAMID® FR 6G15-30GT96M. It’s a PA6 reinforced from 15 to 30 % glass fiber with a glow wire flammability index of 960. The product is the optimal solution for electric switches and MCB applications.
Thanks to this homologation DOMO is able to offer a fully customized product portfolio to its E&E customers. The products are available in all colors and can be made laser-markable with YAG and UV technologies. Laser marking can be obtained both with light marking on dark color and dark marking on light color. Follow the link to reach the UL file.

DOMO is also well known on the market for its sustainable polyamide, the ECONAMID® range.
This product line has grown in 2017 with three new flame retardant materials developed to meet the need for more environmental friendly solutions in the electric and electronic business.

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