DOMO Chemicals signs agreement to acquire Solvay’s Performance Polyamides Business in Europe

Deal includes Engineering Plastics operations in France and Poland; High Performance Fibers in France; Polymer and Intermediates operations in France, Spain & Poland  |  Read More

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DOMO Chemicals participates in Belgium based Group Michiels Advanced Materials

Gent, Belgium – February 13, 2018: Group Michiels Advanced Materials (Group M.A.M.) and Domo Chemicals have agreed on a participation of Domo Chemicals in Group M.A.M., thus officializing a close cooperation in the field of Specialty Film Coating between Group M.A.M., being a film coating specialist developing cutting edge technology, and Domo Chemicals, a global Material Engineering Company. The financial details of the transaction are not disclosed.

The key driver of this partnership is the common pursuit of development of innovative products with a main objective to facilitate the development and market entry of innovation in the film market.

“Our main focus is the High End Window Film market. The unique combined product properties of Solar Heat reduction in the summer and Heat Insulation during winter make our products a powerful tool for a stringent energy management by architects, contractors and builders. The application of the high-end film coating on glazing applications fits perfectly into the new EU Energy Performance and Building Directive to introduce new materials which significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions at European level. The advantages of our window film technology are clearly there to seize for all parties concerned.”, says Luc Michiels, CEO of Group M.A.M. The product range, supported by a patented technology, provides a perfect solution for a significantly improved performance on the energy saving level, up to triple glazing performance, on existing glazing structures with a minimal impact on construction needs. For new buildings the efficient light weight solution has also a clear advantage on construction requirements and construction time.
Apart from its core know how in window film technologies, Group M.A.M. has also process and product expertise in barrier films, solar energy, specialty packaging and building and construction products.

Alex Segers, CEO Domo Chemicals, emphasizes the strength of the cooperation and its objective. “The core of our innovation efforts is the development of sustainable long term solutions. Particularly in the automotive market, which is one of our key market segments, the innovative solutions of Group M.A.M. offer tremendous opportunities. The advanced light weight film glazing solution significantly improves thermal management of a car and as such increases the driving range (autonomy) of electrical vehicles. By reducing the need of heat or cooling under differing weather conditions the battery autonomy increases in a spectacular way.”

The participation of Domo in Group M.A.M. means a teaming up of innovative, engineering and marketing forces, thus enabling a speeding up of the market entrance of the innovative products of Group Michiels Advanced Technologies.

Note for the editor:

Domo Chemicals. 

DOMO Chemicals is a globally active material engineering company. It is a leading highly integrated caprolactam and nylon 6 specialist, operating worldwide in the field of nylon 6 intermediates (caprolactam, cyclohexanone, phenol, acetone, etc.), nylon 6 resins, nylon 6 engineering plastics, engineering plastics compounds, nylon 6 packaging film, fertilizers and distribution of petrochemical products. Domo Chemicals, based in Leuna, Germany, has at date a turnover of 900 million Euro with 900 employees and facilities in Germany, Italy, China, USA and India.
Domo Chemicals is a privately owned company and part of Domo Investment Group.

Group Michiels Advanced Materials

Group Michiels Advanced Materials (Group M.A.M.) is a young innovative company, based in Zele, Belgium. Group M.A.M. is a specialist in sputter products: coating on film of very thin coatings by means of vacuum deposition, for different applications.
Recently Group M.A.M. has invested in a brand new eco-friendly coating facility. The full-fledged sputter roll coater, with a film width of over 2 meters, allows for a multitude of coating layers including metals, oxides and nitrides. This leads to a series of high end film products having top notch optical filter properties.

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