DOMO Chemicals signs agreement to acquire Solvay’s Performance Polyamides Business in Europe

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DOMO Chemicals presents DOMAMID® 24 SD - a light- and heat-stabilized high-performance polyamide 6 for textile mono- and multifilament yarns

Leuna, February  17, 2016 - DOMO Chemicals offers worldwide an innovative, semi dull, even more powerful spin granulate for textile applications under the brand name DOMAMID® 24 SD. The new spin polymer replaces the existing DOMAMID® 2403 T-HS in the current product range. The Nylon 6 is exclusively produced in Leuna and features a light- and heat-stabilizer. DOMAMID® 24 SD is particularly suitable for high-speed spinning POY and FDY applications - characterized by an improved evenness in dyeability.

DOMO Chemicals improves the resistance of the filaments against harmful UV radiation by the implementation of a "high performance" light and heat stabilizer based on HALS. "We have succeeded in achieving the best light and heat stabilization with DOMAMID® 24  by the optimal matching of HALS stabilizers with synergistic costabilizers", said Luc De Raedt, Business Unit Manager of DOMO Nylon & Intermediates.

Despite the new material differs only slightly in terms of viscosity from the previous textile spinning granulate, a few crucial properties for spinning processing performance are much better. DOMAMID® 24 SD has a higher molecular weight and is therefore superior to the conventional product in terms of spin performance and mechanical properties of the yarns. The spinning performance is crucial during the polyamide 6 processing into textile mono- and multifilaments. A high spinning performance signifies an increased throughput with simultaneously lower filament breaks during production and downstream processing. "With the light- and heat-stabilized high-performance polyamide 6 DOMO Chemicals takes account to the raising demands of the downstream industry. This innovation improves the efficiency of our customers operations and increases our customers yarn quality", adds Luc De Raedt.

DOMO Chemicals produces DOMAMID® 24 SD in an ultramodern PA 6 polymerization plant at the German Leuna site.

Tabular overview of the essential chemical physical properties of DOMAMID® 24 SD

Property Unit DOMAMID® 24 SD
Rel. Viscosity - 2,45 ± 0,03
Aminoendgroups mequ/kg 43 ± 2
Carboxylicendgroups mequ/kg 72 ± 4
Extractables % Max. 0,6
Moisture % Max. 0,06
TiO2 - Content % 0,30 ± 0,03
Mn g/mol 17.200
Light- and heat stabilizer - Yes


Contact DOMO Caproleuna GmbH:

DOMO Caproleuna GmbH
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06237 Leuna I Germany
Heike Schubert, Tel. +49 (0) 3461 43 2200 |

About DOMO Chemicals :

DOMO Chemicals is a privately owned German based Chemical Company with 1 billion USD sales and 900 employees with facilities in Germany, Italy, China and the USA. DOMO Chemicals is a fully integrated caprolactam and nylon 6 specialist globally active in the field of nylon 6 intermediates (caprolactam, cyclohexanone, phenol, acetone, etc.), nylon 6 resins, nylon 6 engineering plastics, engineering plastics compounds, nylon 6 packaging film, fertilizers and distribution of petrochemical products.

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