DOMO Chemicals signs agreement to acquire Solvay’s Performance Polyamides Business in Europe

Deal includes Engineering Plastics operations in France and Poland; High Performance Fibers in France; Polymer and Intermediates operations in France, Spain & Poland  |  Read More

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DOMO Engineering Plastics Italy S.p.A. achieves two important targets in its Quality and Environment Management

DOMO Engineering Plastics Italy S.p.A implemented a new integrated Quality and Environment Management system and aligns itself with the new ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 one year before the regular deadline set in 2018.

The new 2015 edition introduces a risk-based approach where all factors potentially compromising the effectiveness of processes and the Management System for Quality and Environment have been preliminarily identified and assessed.

During the implementation, the entire reference context was thoroughly analysed for the identification of the main risk factors, both at the strategic and at the operational level. These are now the basis from which to develop our improvement plans.
This approach is therefore integrated into our product innovation and production process strategies, and our relations with our suppliers and customers, so being essential for the pursuit of business growth.

But DOMO EP has also obtained the homologation of two materials in accordance with the European railways vehicles standard EN 45545, which defines a new classification system specifying fire performance requirements of materials and products used for railway vehicles.

In particular, DOMAMID® FR6G30 V0E and DOMAMID® FR 66G30 V0E have been certified respectively HL2 and HL3 according to the set of requirements R22-23 and 24.

These materials are halogen-free flame retardants, certified UL94 V0 at 0.80mm, and guarantee a low density and low toxicity smoke in case of combustion.

DOMO’s product range allow a greater sustainability, efficiency, and long-term durability with a minimum of maintenance to many railways applications.

"Over the past few years, DOMO has heavily invested in new solutions for the railways sector and this result strengthens our presence in this important ever growing industry." States Domenico Lo Curto, Global Product Manager of DOMO Engineering Plastics.

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