DOMO Chemicals signs agreement to acquire Solvay’s Performance Polyamides Business in Europe

Deal includes Engineering Plastics operations in France and Poland; High Performance Fibers in France; Polymer and Intermediates operations in France, Spain & Poland  |  Read More

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THERMEC™ ZED by FILOALFA®, the solution for challenging 3D printing

The core business of DOMO Engineering Plastics is the development and production of PA6 & PA6.6-based thermoplastics for several industrial sectors. In recent years, the company has invested heavily in new technologies and innovation, and is today focused to be a partner for the development of new products with its customers. And it’s thanks to the close collaboration between DOMO and Ciceri de Mondel, that THERMEC™ ZED by FILOALFA® is born. The result is a filament able to compete with the most noble and high performing thermoplastic materials.

“Looking forward to bring to the market new materials and new filaments for 3D printing with unique properties, specially designed for industrial applications”, states Antonio Berera, R&D Manager of Ciceri de Mondel. “We strongly value the strategic cooperation with DOMO Engineering Plastics which brought to the development of THERMEC™ ZED by FILOALFA®. The filament immediately found an outstanding application in the production of customized hulls for an innovative electric motorcycles producer. THERMEC™ ZED is an extremely resilient material, with excellent dimensional stability, sandable and paintable. The result obtained in terms of aesthetics is astonishing.”

This innovative material guarantees excellent adhesion between layers, prevents delamination and ensures minimal shrinkage during the printing process. The material has an excellent processability, exceptional mechanical properties and guarantees fast cycle times.
THERMEC™ ZED has a very high chemical inertia. Up to 200°C, no known solvent affects it, and it is inherently flame retardant.

“We are thrilled to partner with Ciceri de Mondel and showcase our products in the FFF 3D printing world”, says Domenico Lo Curto, Product Manager at DOMO EP. “Their passion and dedication to producing quality 3D filaments is already well known. It has been an incredible experience to design this material alongside their expert team.”

THERMEC™ ZED by FILOALFA® will be presented officially at Mecspe 2018, from 22nd to 24th March in Parma (Pav. 6 Stand J41), and it is already available on the market distributed by Ciceri de Mondel.

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