Sustainability at DOMO

Clear priorities and sustainability targets: Discover our 2030 agenda

DOMO has defined clear priorities to drive a decade of progress and to support its ambition to become a benchmark in sustainable development and social responsibility, and be recognized among the best in our industry, notably thanks to our eco-friendly polymers We will achieve this through the following 2030 goals:

Bild Nylon Film

By 2030, we are committing to a neutral CO2 emissions growth versus 2019, a 15% reduction in the carbon content of DOMO’s energy mix and a 7% reduction of industrial waste.

Sustainibility Targets

We are also pledging to support our customers by enhancing our offering of sustainable solutions, including: a 20% increase in sustainable applications and a 20% reduction in the carbon footprint of DOMO’s products.


When we talk about responsibility, we refer first and foremost to our responsibility towards our employees. With the recently Care to be Safe launch, we embarked on a journey to provide a safe workplace, aiming for Zero incidents, with common principles and values for employees and contractors at all locations. We are also implementing clear and measurable commitments and obligations related to HR practice areas like recruiting and development, compensation, employment contracts, diversity and inclusion to become an employer of choice, ahead of industry benchmark and aiming for 80% employee engagement.

The pursuit of sustainable value creation and long-term sustainable growth is deeply embedded in the mission and vision of DOMO chemicals. That is why we have set out goals to become a leader in sustainable development by 2030, incorporating sustainability as one of our four strategic pillars.
Yves Bonte
Yves Bonte
DOMO Beyond

DOMO Beyond: our system for sustainable change

Recognizing the need to evaluate and steer the sustainability activities on a strategic corporate level, we have implemented our own sustainability management system with dedicated resources and governance.

Our sustainability management system called DOMO Beyond will enable us to progress towards our sustainability development goals, delivering on all 3 dimensions of ESG - environment, social, and governance - which stands for a socially responsible business.

The DOMO Beyond System is the translation of our ambition and our sustainability development approach on concrete actions for all 6 stakeholders - Planet, Employees, Communities, Investors, suppliers, Customers.

Forward-looking directions and steering

DOMO’s Sustainability Steering Committee is chaired by our CEO Yves Bonte. Members are key representatives of business units, functions and regions. The Steering Committee fosters the sustainable development of the company in a holistic approach according to DOMO’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. It evaluates the global challenges and megatrends and sets long- and midterm Group goals to initiate projects and activities in the field of sustainability. 

Leveraging the circular potential of polyamides

Polyamides are part of countless products with a highly positive impact on our lives. They are versatile, light, tough and resist heat. For many needs within large global topics, such as mobility, health, lifestyle and urbanization, they are a great fit: not just in terms of adaptability and performance, but also where important sustainable developments like circularity and lightweighting are concerned.

DOMO Chemicals has established itself as one of the pioneers on the way to a circular plastics economy in several challenging application areas. Our high-performance polyamide materials offer significant environmental advantages over comparable prime- grade products and help optimize the sustainability footprint of molders and end users. 

Drawing on our many years of experience in the production and processing of sustainable polyamides, we have developed a technology in which secondary raw material from production sources is recycled into high-quality PA compounds in a one-step process. As a result, DOMO offers two well-known brands  - ECONAMID and Technyl4Earth.

ECONAMID and Technyl4Earth are part of our  strategy for supporting circularity, providing an efficient solution for strengthening post-industrial recycling. The production of our resins require nearly 50% less water, emits 80% less CO2, and consumes 60% less non-renewable energy compared to the production of prime-grade polyamide. In the second and third steps of our strategy, we will focus on strengthening mechanical and chemical recycling of post-customer materials.

DOMO has a clear objective to enhance sustainable applications answering key challenges of our time by 20% (e.g. for mobility, urbanization, health&wellbeing or lifestyle) and to double our offering in terms of circular solutions.

Using the blockchain to boost trust

Our determination to use collaboration and cutting-edge technology to promote change has led to a shared initiative with Covestro, a major supplier of high-tech polymers, and Circularise, an innovative transparency start-up. The initiative aims at using blockchain technology to establish better traceability for plastics across the value chain, allowing all actors to more confidently choose sustainable options helping to spread circularity. DOMO believes this step could greatly contribute to fostering responsibility and trust within the industry while minimizing concerns about confidentiality

Sustainability and Circularise

is our formula

Caring is our formula – and formulating solutions that strike the right balance between people, planet, products and profit is our way to do business.