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Our DOMAMID® product portfolio includes standard PA6 and PA66 compounds such as unfilled, filled, glass-fiber-reinforced and impact-modified materials, as well as special grades for metal replacement and superior aesthetics, plasticized PA6, and a complete range of flame retardant plastics.

Eco-friendly and impact-resistant

Our ECONAMID® engineering plastics range offers a complete line of sustainable PA6 and PA66 compounds. Based on valuable fiber feedstock, they provide high-quality, eco-friendly products with an excellent balance of high mechanical properties, sustainability and competitiveness. 


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DOMAMID® engineering plastics

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As a leading supplier of intermediate and finished products, our product range comprises the classic basic and intermediate products of Caprolactam synthesis: caprolactam, cyclohexanone, phenol, acetone, cumene, alphamethylstyrene and  ammonium sulphate.

Polyamide 6 pellets

DOMAMID® virgin resins

Our DOMAMID® Nylon 6 Virgin resins are high quality and extremely versatile, used in a wide variety of applications. Nylon 6 combines strength, low weight, toughness, chemical resistance, ease of processing and even recyclability.

Nylon film

Nylon film

Our nylon film is the ideal material for an array of application uses. Superior mechanical properties together with an effective gas and aroma barrier are an ideal fit for the critical, rigorous requirements of the flexible-packaging world.

Domogran fertilizer


DOMOGRAN® 45 is a long-established, tried and tested fertilizer that stands for both tradition and innovation. Since 1919 high-quality nitrogen-sulphur fertiliser has been successfully producing in Leuna, Germany. The coarse crystalline ammonium sulphate acts as a long-lasting fertilizer. 

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