DOMO Chemicals signs agreement to acquire Solvay’s Performance Polyamides Business in Europe

Deal includes Engineering Plastics operations in France and Poland; High Performance Fibers in France; Polymer and Intermediates operations in France, Spain & Poland  |  Read More

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Acetone is a by-product of Phenol production.


The product is transported in road tank cars, containers and railway tank wagons. Acetone is a hazardous material.


  • Solvents
  • Methylmethacrylates
  • Acetone condensation products
  • Bisphenol A
  • Base material for organic syntheses


Acetone produced by DOMO® Chemicals is available in two qualities.

Acetone pharma grade

Acetone Pharma Grade Excipient is a pharmaceutical grade of Acetone which meets all requirements of the current Ph. Eur. and USP-NF. The Product is produced and handled according to GMP based on the joint IPEC - PQG Good Manufacturing Practices Guide for Pharmaceutical Excipients.

Because of its low benzene content, acetone produced by DOMO Chemicals is ideally suited for pharmaceutical applications.

Acetone technical g​rade

Parameter Limiting value Testing method
Acetone (without water) min. 99.9 weight % DIN 55687, spec.81 - 101
Water max. 0.2 weight % DIN 51777 / Part 1
Organic impurities max. 0.1 weight % DIN 55687, spec.81 - 101
Color index max. 5 Hazen DIN ISO 6271
KMmnO4 resistance min. 540 minutes 81 - 05
Acidity, calculated as Acetic acid max. 0.0015 weight % 81 - 04