DOMOGRAN® is a long-established, tried and tested fertiliser that stands for both tradition and innovation. Since 1919 high-quality nitrogen-sulphur fertiliser has been successfully producing in Leuna, Germany. The coarse crystalline ammonium sulphate acts as an immediate and long-lasting fertiliser. DOMOGRAN® is composed of 21% nitrogen in the form of ammonium, and 24% sulphate sulphur, which ensures the fertiliser can provide your plants with the nitrogen and sulphur they need. Its acidic effect also indirectly supports the release of micronutrients, which enables the fertiliser to help increase your plants’ vitality, quality and yield. Whether for corn, winter wheat, oilseed rape, potatoes or grassland, DOMO’s ammonium sulphate fertiliser supports your crops from the very beginning.

DOMOGRAN® – High quality ammonium sulphate fertiliser for a consistent balance of nutrients

The multi-purpose fertiliser

Reap the benefits of an ammonium sulphate fertiliser on your winter wheat, potatoes, corn, oilseed rape or grassland. It can be spread on any arable land and adapted to your particular crop and regional conditions. You will find more information on the specific benefits as well as all-important facts on our crop pages and in the individual brochures.

Spreading widths at a glance

Our removal slider gives you visibility of all the main nutrients. This easy-to-use tool helps you to get an initial overview of any removal that occurs in each crop. Simply enter the desired yield of each crop and read off the removal levels per nutrient. You can also use the calculator to figure out the spreading quantity for DOMOGRAN®. Please note, that the tool does not provide a detailed calculation of how much fertiliser is regulated by law.