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DOMAMON® L26 Solution of ammonium sulphate and urea

Product Parameters

  • 20 % total nitrogen   

            6% ammonium nitrogen   

            14% carbamide nitrogen

  • 6% sulphur directly available as sulphate


  • Well-balanced nitrogen-to-sulphur ratio.
  • Ammonium and carbamide nitrogen allow a sustained nitrogen supply, both for cultures with prolonged plant growth periods and in areas of high rain.
  • Sulphur as sulphate (SO42-) is immediately available for the plants.
  • Partially acidifying the soil improves the take up of phosphorus, makes the availability of the micro-nutrients Mn, Fe, B, Cu and Zn more certain and guarantees excellent utilisation of the nutrients.
  • Wide range of applications when used as a single component and as a mixture component in conjunction with other liquid fertilizers.
  • Precise distribution of nitrogen and sulphur allows a reduction of the nitrogen quantities spent, as well as a large working width.
  • When using a drag-tube or when applied by injection, a sustainable fertilizing effect is obtained owing to the depot.

Recommendation for use of DOMAMON® L26

  • DOMAMON® L26 should be applied in an early stage as a nitrate-free nitrogen fertilizer.
  • It can be applied as a leaf and soil fertilizer for various crops.
  • Application as a special fertilizer for injection methods (e.g. CULTAN).