Bacteria propagation is a major health concern. Bacteria, both good and bad, are all around us. While most are not dangerous thanks to our immune systems, without treatment or specific additives, bacteria will keep reproducing. Therefore, we have developed NYLEO® SAFE, our new bacteriostatic fiber to fight against bacteria propagation.

A permanent bacteriostatic effect

A bacteriostatic agent is introduced into the polymeric matrix, creating a long-lasting effect to protect the fibers and inhibit the growth of bacteria while maintaining all the standard characteristics of nylon 66 fibers like comfort, mechanical resistance and durability.

Thanks to this technology, we have better control over the level of bioactivity​ and the bacteriostatic properties are resistant to washing as the agent cannot wash out.

Silver-based ions inhibit bacteria growth

NYLEO® SAFE features a powerful and compliant solution of silver-based ions. Silver is widely used for human contact applications and is known to be effective against a broad spectrum of microorganisms that cause odor, discoloration, biofouling and other aesthetic problems.

Excellent antibacterial efficiency

According to laboratory tests under the best standards, over 99.99% of bacteria are inhibited with bacteriostatic fiber on pure nylon 6.6 fabrics  after 24 hours of contact with bacteria like staphylococcus aureus or klebsiella pneumoniae.

NYLEO® SAFE provides a proven, long-lasting effect even after 100 washing cycles, and a significant effect with a 20% blend of NYLEO® SAFE fiber with other non-treated fibers.

A proven long lasting bacteriostatic effect > 100 washes cycles

Resistant to washing cycles (knitted fabrics)

A significant effect from 20% of DOMO bacteriostatic fiber in a blend

A full NYLEO® SAFE product offer to co-develop new applications with nylon 6.6 fibers

  • 1.7 Dtex / 40 mm cut length staple fibers for textile cotton spinning​
  • 3.3 Dtex crimped tow for textile ​tow to top conversion​
  • 3.3 Dtex / 50 mm cut length staple fibers for woolen cotton spinning​
  • 1.7 Dtex tow for flock technology​
  • 6.7 Dtex / 80 mm cut length ​for non-woven technology​


More about NYLEO® SAFE?

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