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FILMON® BX is a complete range of Biaxially Oriented polyamide films including one and two side corona treated materials, products with improved dimensional stabilities and thermoshrinkable solutions, all available in different thicknesses.
These products are commonly used in multi-layer structures for those applications requiring high puncture and flex-crack resistance and good aroma barrier.

This range is particularly suitable in all converting processes, such as printing and lamination.

Technologic advantages

FILMON® BX is produced with an exclusive double bubble simultaneous stretching technology, which outperforms both simultaneous tenterframe and two step stretching technologies products in term of isotropic characteristics.
This technology, thanks to the well-established isotropic characteristics, guarantees excellent balance in mechanical & physical properties resulting in high quality films.

FILMON® BX One side corona treated General purpose 12 – 15 – 20 – 25 µm
FILMON® BXB Both side corona treated Middle layer (triplex, quadruplex structure) 12 – 15 – 20 – 25 µm
FILMON® BXS Improved dimensional stability Retort applications 15 – 20 µm
FILMON® BXSB Both sides corona treated improved dimensional stability Retort applications, middle layer (triplex, quadruplex structure) 15 – 20 µm
FILMON® BXH Thermoshrinkable Processed meat, cheese, pet food, casings 15 – 20 µm