TECHNYL® PROTECT - The reliable choice in advanced electrical protection

There’s no room for risk when it comes to fire protection and safety in electrical and electronic products. DOMO Engineered Materials has developed the TECHNYL® PROTECT line of flame-retardant polyamide solutions to serve this critical sector. This range of high-performance fire protection polymers is ideal for applications ranging from power management equipment, automotive electrics and consumer electronics, to lighting, household appliances, renewable energies, and more.  

With its unparalleled electrical performance, molding options, mechanical strength and superior flowability , the TECHNYL® PROTECT line has clearly demonstrated its suitability for demanding applications within the electrical protection segment. The polyamide 6 and 66 offering mainly consists of halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) grades, compliant with the latest regulatory requirements, making it the reliable choice to meet increasingly demanding safety standards. FR solutions based on recycled feedstock are also under development in the TECHNYL® 4EARTH family, while, red phosphorous-based and halogenated solutions continue to be available to meet specific applications needs.  

Working to achieve a safer world also means striving for a cleaner environment. With its TECHNYL® PROTECT polyamides, DOMO Engineered Materials reaches beyond industry standards and strict regulatory requirements to proactively reduce our environmental impact and anticipate change. 

Key benefits of TECHNYL® PROTECT polymer line

  • Class-leading fire protection and electrical performance 
  • High ductility and impact strength 
  • Chemical resistant 
  • Medium to highly reinforced grades 
  • Reduced production cost  
  • Reduced corrosion of tools and injection molding machines  
  • Excellent thermal aging properties  
  • End-of-life product recyclability for some grades

Meeting customer needs for flame retardant polymers

The use of polyamides in electrical and electronic equipment continues to grow, as industry leaders develop ever smaller and more complex parts to support product miniaturization and multi-functionality. To satisfy this requirement, the materials used must offer high temperature resistance and efficient flame retardancy.  

With its wide processing window, accurate filling, and good surface aspect, the TECHNYL® PROTECT flame retardant polyamide offering delivers robust results. At the same time, TECHNYL® PROTECT HFFR nylon is significantly less corrosive than traditional halogen-free flame-retardant materials, further helping to increase production equipment lifetimes. The TECHNYL®PROTECT line also includes a range of color and laser-marking options as well. 

With an industry-leading certification portfolio, the TECHNYL® PROTECT flame retardant polymer line features HFFR formulations that meet the strictest regulations facing the electrical equipment market, notably UL and IEC fire and fume certification. This includes: 

  • High fire rating class: UL 94 V0, V1 or V2 depending on grade 
  • A fully compliant yellow card, including RTI  
  • Compliance with EU environmental waste management directives, RoHS1 2002/95/CE and WEEE2 2002/96/CE 

Key applications of TECHNYL® PROTECT flame retardant polymers

The TECHNYL® PROTECT line of halogen and halogen-free flame-retardant polymer solutions has been developed for applications ranging from electrical protection devices, power management and renewable energy systems, to automotive electrics and consumer electronics, and more. With excellent electrical performance, easy-processing ability, and mechanical strength, TECHNYL® PROTECT flame retardant polymers have demonstrated their value in numerous high voltage component product designs, including for mini and smart circuit breakers, molded-case circuit breakers, power control equipment and contactors, as well as e-mobility connectors.  

Specifically formulated to increase fire and electrical protection for power management equipment, the flame retardant polymer gives manufacturers an edge when it comes to miniaturization. Indeed, TECHNYL® PROTECT nylon enables manufacturers to produce miniaturized components of the highest quality while meeting the strictest safety standards.  

TECHNYL® PROTECT application

DOMO is pleased to offer the TECHNYL® Xperience app, a dedicated resource for DOMO's expertise and product portfolio in engineered materials. Browse through the app and discover a whole range of selected applications in automotive, industry and consumer goods, electronics, construction, and much more. In addition, explore the range of solutions where TECHNYL® is the material of choice, including: electrical conductivity, extrusion & blow molding, fire protection, friction & wear resistance, lightweight, sustainability, thermal management and food & water contact.  

Customer commitment

Combining functional efficiency with aesthetic qualities, TECHNYL® Engineered Materials integrates DOMO’s technical expertise with an innovative approach to development, production and testing. 

DOMO’s technical development and service centers will help you design the exact solution you need to respect your product requirements, cost constraints, and production considerations. By providing local support around the world while harnessing a global network, DOMO’s experts help you meet your particular requirements.  

In addition to a robust portfolio of flame retardant polyamides, customers can benefit from DOMO’s SERVICE HUB®, a unique platform of connected services and dedicated experts. This includes MMI TECHNYL® Advanced predictive simulation, which brings together advanced services to provide customer innovation with enhanced capabilities and synergies, eco-design agility and cost optimization. As a TECHNYL® Engineered Materials customer, you can choose from among a complete portfolio of services – from material selection, prototyping, to application validation – to accelerate your time-to-market.  

Get in touch to learn more about TECHNYL® PROTECT flame retardant and HFFR polyamides, the reliable choice in advanced electrical protection! 

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