TECHNYL® PURE - Setting a new standard of polyamide purity for electrics and electronics

TECHNYL® PURE is a new range of high-purity polyamide compounds specially formulated to ensure safety-critical functionality in electrical and electronic parts. It was developed in close collaboration with customers in the e-mobility market to meet the growing demand for high-performance metal replacement plastics in electric, hybrid and fuel cell vehicles. In these exacting applications, corrosion can be a safety and security issue, potentially leading to short circuits, fire or even complete functional breakdown.  

Corrosion can be a serious problem when metal conductors come in contact with particular types of plastics in certain electrical and electronic devices. Because the corrosion problem specifically concerns additives to the plastics, this has raised awareness of the issue of purity of nylon compounds and polymer formulations. The special high-purity polyamide grades of TECHNYL® PURE are designed to solve this problem. 

Key benefits of TECHNYL® PURE polyamides

  • Raw material selection and control 
  • Clean compounding 
  • Clean manufacturing process 
  • End of line packaging for highest purity grades 
  • Compound recurrent purity control 
  • Use of pure water for highest purity grades 
  • Purity certified on Certificate of Analysis for highest purity grades 
  • Fuel cell compliant (ion-free grade)

Meeting customer needs for pure polymers

The TECHNYL® Engineered Materials team worked closely with OEM and tier customers to better understand their requirements in terms of electrical and electronic applications. The result of this collaborative exercise was to come up with the TECHNYL® PURE range of high purity polyamides.  

The question of purity starts with the formulation, where the raw materials are selected according to demanding specifications. The handling of compounds is also key, requiring good manufacturing processes to prevent contamination. 


The TECHNYL® PURE range offers different levels of compound purity (polymer, additives and fillers) depending on the functional purpose. For applications where the risk of corrosion due to plastic additive migration needs to be limited, the baseline TECHNYL® PURE grades containing less than 100 parts per million (ppm) of halides drastically reduce the risk of issues from contamination during the lifetime of the application.  

For an even higher level of security, the high purity grades, targeting less than 15 ppm of halide content, employ additional processing measures, including clean manufacturing and pure water. And, at the top of the polyamide purity pyramid is the ion-free grade, with a composition that eliminates metallic cations with less than 8 ppm of ion migration, according to DOMO’s specifically defined migration test. 

Why you should choose TECHNYL® PURE

  • Limited risk of electrochemical contact corrosion  
  • High temperature stability  
  • High comparative tracking index (CTI at 600 V and higher)  
  • Low viscosity compounds perfectly match the processing needs for miniaturization 

Key applications of TECHNYL® PURE polyamide

Target applications for the pure polyamide compounds include electrical and safety control devices, such as sensors, as well as electronic and telematics control units (ECU/TCU). The high purity grades are ideal for newly electrified functions for higher voltage vehicles (which were previously mechanically driven), such as e-water pumps, e-thermostat housings and e-valves, as well as some high voltage electrical applications, such as connectors, bus bars and induction charging devices.  

The highest purity, metallic ion-free grade, TECHNYL® PURE J 219HT V35 BK is fuel cell system compliant. This grade prevents critical cation and metal ion migration, which could affect the electrochemical reaction in the fuel cell stack. This TECHNYL® PURE formulation can also be used for many related functions in the fuel cell system, providing a single solution for a range of applications. What is more, systems with requirements for dielectric properties can also rely on this grade of TECHNYL® PURE. 

The pure formulation of this compound also promises benefits for applications beyond e-mobility, to include the essential functioning of electronics in autonomous driving and much more. In fact, TECHNYL® PURE is an optimal part of the solution for any sensitive electronics or electrical application where corrosion, passivation (deposition), or structuration (dendrites formation) could be a problem. 


DOMO is pleased to offer the TECHNYL® Xperience app, a dedicated resource for DOMO's expertise and product portfolio in engineered materials. Browse through the app and discover a whole range of selected applications in automotive, industry and consumer goods, electronics, construction, and much more. In addition, explore the range of solutions where TECHNYL® is the material of choice, including: electrical conductivity, extrusion & blow molding, fire protection, friction & wear resistance, lightweight, sustainability, thermal management and food & water contact.  

Customer commitment

TECHNYL® PURE was created through close collaboration with customers, in response to challenges arising from rapidly evolving technology in the face of the e-mobility revolution. This gives DOMO an important role in the customer relationship, helping to determine where the real need behind the requirement lies and discover new ways of tackling challenges together.  

Combining functional efficiency with aesthetic qualities, TECHNYL® Engineered Materials integrates DOMO’s technical expertise with an innovative approach to development, production and testing. 

DOMO’s technical development and service centers will help you design the exact solution you need to respect your product requirements, cost constraints and production considerations. By providing local support around the world while harnessing a global network, DOMO’s experts help you meet your particular requirements.  

In addition to a robust portfolio of polymers, customers can benefit from DOMO HUB® Services, a unique platform of connected services and dedicated experts. This includes MMI TECHNYL® Advanced predictive simulation, which brings together advanced services to provide customer innovation with enhanced capabilities and synergies, eco-design agility and cost optimization. As a TECHNYL® Engineered Materials customer, you can choose from among a complete portfolio of services – from material selection to prototyping, to applications validation testing capabilities – to accelerate your time-to-market. 

Get in touch to find out more about TECHNYL® PURE, a new standard of polyamide purity for electrics and electronics! 

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