TECHNYL® SAFE - Sustainable solutions for water contact safety

DOMO Chemicals has a longstanding reputation of expertise in water management systems and offers a range of sustainable solutions for drinking water contact materials. Through its TECHNYL® SAFE family of polyamides, DOMO is one of the few suppliers worldwide to offer full European and American certification for its portfolio of drinking water contact and water system materials. 

As demand for water continues to grow and supplies become more precious in many regions, TECHNYL® SAFE’s polymer solutions for water supply and treatment applications are more essential than ever. TECHNYL® SAFE polyamides offer certified high performance for years of service in contact with hot water as well as cold drinking water, in such end products as water meters, heating systems and home appliances. Many of its innovations are developed in collaboration with leading producers of water delivery and management systems.  

As health and environmental safeguards take on ever more urgency in markets around the world, the TECHNYL® SAFE polymer line offers sustainable and secure solutions for water management systems customers can count on.  

Key benefits of TECHNYL® SAFE polymers

  • Drinking water certification 
  • Cost efficiency 
  • Dimensional stability 
  • Excellent durability 
  • Chlorine resistance 
  • Hydrolysis resistance 
  • Weld line strength 
  • Burst pressure resistance 

Meeting customer needs for water contact safety

In many water distribution applications, the brass pipes, fittings, meters, pumps and valves of traditional water systems are being replaced by more flexible polymer alternatives. When used in drinking water networks and appliances, these materials must comply with stringent water and food contact regulations. TECHNYL® SAFE’s polymer solutions for the water management market are designed to meet the most demanding application performance criteria along with ever stricter regulations governing water contact safety. 

DOMO is one of the few suppliers worldwide to offer full European and American certification for its portfolio of water system materials, including ACS, WRAS, KTW-BWGL and NSF-61. All DOMO drinking water-contact materials are produced in accordance with relevant Good Manufacturing Practices to guarantee the maximum level of safety. 

DOMO’s technical team has a deep understanding of the needs of the water management market as well as the know-how to meet them. This is all at the service of manufacturers to optimize the efficiency of their production and products. 

TECHNYL® SAFE’s sustainable solutions for water management are based on a portfolio of PA66 and PA6.10, partially bio-based polyamide grades. 

Why you should choose TECHNYL® SAFE

TECHNYL® SAFE polyamide formulations are stabilized to prevent oxidation and plasticization when in contact with water, resulting in lower water absorption rates better dimensional stability and higher mechanical performance retention. 

Moreover, the oxidation stabilization package added to TECHNYL® SAFE polymers prevents further degradation, even if chlorine content is increased. 


Key applications of TECHNYL® SAFE

TECHNYL® SAFE polyamides provide sustainable solutions for water distribution networks, food certified materials, and potable water materials. This portfolio of polymers meets the highest of standards required for optimum performance in such applications as  circulation pumps, valves, fittings, hydraulic components, water meters, water softeners, boiler components, water purifiers and desalination systems.  

Customer commitment

The APT (Application Performance Testing - Test for success) laboratory in DOMO Chemicals’ Engineered Materials division is well equipped to test specimens and final parts for water management applications. Key properties can be evaluated under even the most extreme conditions, including a chlorine test bench. Water temperature, pressure, flow rate, concentration of substances like oxygen and chlorine, as well as pH, and other parameters can all be modified and controlled. Results from the tests make it possible to forecast performance over entire envisaged product lifetimes. 

In addition to the APT, customers can also benefit from DOMO HUB® Services, a unique platform of connected services and dedicated experts. This includes MMI TECHNYL® Advanced predictive simulation, which brings together advanced services to provide customer innovation with enhanced capabilities and synergies, eco-design agility and cost optimization. As a TECHNYL® Engineered Materials customer, you can choose from among a complete portfolio of services – from material selection to prototyping – to accelerate your time-to-market. 

Find out more about how TECHNYL® SAFE ensures sustainable solutions for water contact safety! 

TECHNYL® Xperience for TECHNYL® SAFE applications

DOMO is pleased to offer the TECHNYL® Xperience app, a dedicated resource for DOMO's expertise and product portfolio in engineered materials. Browse through the app and discover a whole range of selected applications in automotive, industry and consumer goods, electronics, construction, and much more. In addition, explore the range of solutions where TECHNYL® is the material of choice, including: electrical conductivity, extrusion & blow molding, fire protection, friction & wear resistance, lightweight, sustainability, thermal management and food & water contact.  

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