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TECHNYL® SAFE food and water contact certified polyamide

Our TECHNYL® SAFE portfolio includes a comprehensive range of US and European drinking water certified solutions dedicated to the water management industry, as well as food contact compliant grades to meet specific regional regulations in the EU, US and China. These polyamide materials include PA6, PA66, and PA6.10 and are produced in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Our TECHNYL® SAFE portfolio of drinking water-certified metal replacement materials eliminates the risk of galvanic corrosion and scale build-up. It also helps reduce costs and ensure compliance with tighter regulations on permissible levels of lead in drinking water. And, with TECHNYL® SAFE D, thanks to its bio-based content, we can offer more sustainable water management solutions.

Drinking water certifications

TECHNYL® SAFE drinking water certified materials are designed to be compliant with the main national requirements for potable water and to meet the regional regulations for food contact use in the EU, US and China.

Learn more about changing regulations, food contact compliance and how TECHNYL® SAFE drinking water materials are approved by regulatory authorities. 

Main applications for water management

Reference applications for this product line comprise components traditionally made of brass, stainless steel or other metals for water distribution, sanitary and heating systems. These include heating and water meter systems, such as pipes, pumps, valves, fittings, faucets, cartridges, boiler components like hydro-block manifolds, along with balancing and other small home appliance parts.


DOMO HUB Services for water management

DOMO’s solutions have already proven to be successful in both brass and PPA replacement, thanks in part to DOMO HUB Services, comprising a set of services including advanced simulation, prototyping and part testing, which together boost innovation in this sector.

PPA replacement

TECHNYL® SAFE success case

Our TECHNYL® SAFE  PA6.10 has successfully replaced high transition temperature  PPA with the same glass fiber content in cold water meter body and top plate applications thanks to MMI advanced services. Learn more about how DOMO technicians were able to provide an improved design. 

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Free webinar: Circularity in the water management industry

In this joint presentation with Grundfos, we reveal a new pilot with this key player in the water management market. After a short overview of products and services that led Grundfos to select DOMO as one of its polyamide suppliers, we present our ambition to increase circularity within this market.


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