DOMO’s SERVICE HUB features MMI’s advanced predictive simulation and Application Performance Testing (APT). DOMO is the only supplier worldwide equipped to support customers from material selection to prototyping, to application performance testing under real-life conditions.

MMI Services

MMI - Advanced predictive simulation

MMI is an advanced predictive simulation tool, devised to help OEMs and parts suppliers develop stronger, lighter, more cost-effective parts. Through multi-scale modeling, mechanical calculation and injection molding simulation (MMI), manufacturers can understand the real behavior of materials and simulate their function before going to production.


APT Application Performance Testing

Designing parts and choosing the optimal TECHNYL® engineered polyamide solution is just the first step in bringing new products to market. Real-world performance after delivery is what really matters, not only for commercial success and your company’s reputation as a supplier, but also for consumer satisfaction and safety.

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