MMI design

A key feature of DOMO’s SERVICE HUB is MMI, an advanced predictive simulation tool, devised to help OEMs and parts suppliers develop stronger, lighter, more cost-effective parts. Through multi-scale modeling, mechanical calculation and injection molding simulation (MMI), manufacturers can understand the real behavior of materials and simulate their function before going to production. Thanks to MMI, customers can confirm the technical feasibility of their applications with a high degree of predictability and limited cost compared to the expense of actual testing through trial and error.

DOMO’s MMI harnesses an extensive database of key property measurements and is powered by Digimat, an advanced material modeling system developed and supported by e-Xstream Engineering. This system offers a wide range of calculations to simulate in-use conditions realistically and predict the performance of injection-molded parts.

Key features and benefits of MMI

  • An advanced CAE platform to fully exploit key material properties
  • Extensive database derived from laboratory testing
  • Predicts performance of injection-molded parts for metal replacement
  • Analysis models for static, NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness), impact, and crash testing
  • Numerous temperature, humidity, and composition conditions
  • More realistic than isotropic solutions
  • Helps make your TECHNYL® material as reliable as metal for your application
  • Lower development costs and optimal cost/properties/functionality balance
  • Faster time-to-market

Get it right the first time

MMI helps manufacturers understand the real behavior of materials before moving forward with physical production phases. Helping avoid costly re-engineering and development iterations, this platform simulates fiber-reinforced parts made with TECHNYL® materials for unprecedented structural analysis accuracy. Reliable laboratory data enables you to fully exploit key material properties at the lowest cost, optimizing new designs and reducing material usage when redesigning existing parts.