Test methods and requirements for drinking water contact compliance can vary significantly depending on different national approval agencies. However, compliance is commonly tested based on stability in water at determined temperatures by measuring the release of inorganic and organic substances and, in particular for KTW-BWGL and WRAS compliance, also evaluating organoleptic properties like odor, flavor and color.

Water management certification

Drinking water certification approval requirements for each regulatory agency

In the table below you can find the drinking water certification approval requirements for each regulatory agency:  

TECHNYL® SAFE drinking water materials are approved by regulatory authorities based on grades, color and sometimes the manufacturing site. Agency approval certification documents are used by drinking water system suppliers to reduce the frequency of testing of the final product, thus facilitating drinking water compliance of the final product. It is the responsibility of our customers (typically water systems suppliers) to test and certify conformity of their products for the specific end–use.

Changing regulations

The German Environmental Agency (UBA) defined new legally binding requirements for drinking water systems with the introduction of the new KTW-BWGL certification as of March 22, 2022, which determines the evaluation criteria for plastics and other organic materials in contact with drinking water.

These new evaluation criteria will be mandatory for plastics and other organic materials used for the construction or maintenance of installations for the production, treatment or distribution of drinking water and will be fully applicable after a two-year transition period ending on March 21, 2023. At this point all other existing test certificates will lose their validity.

Food contact compliance

TECHNYL® SAFE solutions for food contact meet all relevant requirements of the US, China and the following European regulations:

  • 2004/1935/EC – The Framework Regulation
  • 2006/2023/EC – The Good Manufacturing Practice Regulation
  • 2011/10/EU - Plastic Material and Articles Intended to Come Into Contact With Food

DOMO provides a specific certification for each solution confirming the total content of substances that are subject to a Specific Migration Limit under Regulation (EU) N°10/2011, Annex I (Union List).

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Technyl Safe Water Contact List



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