All parts dedicated to provide heat to a building are part of the so called heating system. A few examples of heating systems applications developed recently with polyamide based solutions are boiler parts and circulationpumps.

Heating system

Metal replacement is a driving trend also in this market as engineered materials systems allows for more design freedom and integrated systems. A typical example of the benefits in utilizing TECHNYL® SAFE materials is the hydraulic group typically for gas boilers, which achieves significant system cost efficiency through design integration of several previous assembled brass parts.

For the sanitary line of hydraulic groups the most common requiremnts are long-term dimensional stability and resistance to chlorine at high temperatures, enabling the material resistance to oxidative degradation.

A valid alternative to TECHNYL® SAFE, when drinking water compatibility is not required (typically the heating line) is TECHNYL® A218 V30 BK 34NG.

Heating system applications currently using TECHNYL® SAFE materials include hydraulic group, heating manifold, circulation pumps, valves, floor heating fittings, heat exchanger parts, as well as solar heating system components

TECHNYL® A218 V30 BK 34NG mechanical properties retention after ageing at 80°C / 120°C in water with Chlorine 0-5 ppm content (dynamic ageing method)


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