Our commitment to change

Leveraging the circular potential of polyamides

Over the negative discussions dominating the debate on plastic, it is often forgotten what a marvelous material it is within controlled life cycles. Polyamides are part of countless products with a highly positive impact on our lives. They are versatile, light, tough and resist heat. For many needs within large global topics, such as mobility, health, lifestyle and urbanization, they are a great fit: not just in terms of adaptability and performance, but also where important sustainable developments like circularity and lightweighting are concerned.

Circularity wall
Raising resource efficiency

Closing the loop by closing our ranks

At DOMO, we believe in the power of shared efforts. Industry and society have a collective responsibility to work more closely together, and DOMO is dedicated to collaborating across the entire plastics value chain – from the producers of raw materials to the suppliers of recycling services – to aid transition from a linear to a circular, resource-efficient economy. 

Collaboration across the value chain

Promoting progress by sharing a purpose

Our integrated nylon chain, which lets us control each step from benzene to our high-quality resins, gives us a unique capacity for sustainable innovation. Similarly, the close collaboration of our business units fosters an exceptional sense for potential synergies and sustainable improvements. We also use this sense for finding innovative and purpose-driven partners ready to work with us on change across the value chain.