To help us stay on track, we have an internal monitoring system in place. We undertake a yearly self-assessment exercise in which we evaluate our performance in more than 34 relevant areas of sustainable practice.  

We target 150 to 200 improvement actions per year and monitor progress based on a simple scoring methodology. This annual exercise will also be supported by quarterly updates to better oversee achievements throughout the year. 


The framework is designed to make a clear contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This is supported by a management and governance system to ensure our company’s objectives are met in the three dimensions of people, planet, and performance. With DOMO Beyond, we can measure our progress and embed sustainable value creation into our long-term growth strategy. 

DOMO Framework

Our contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainability governance

The DOMO Supervisory Board of Directors undertakes an annual review of economic, environmental, and social risks. 

The Executive Committee comprises an integrated sustainability steering committee chaired by the CEO. This committee reviews sustainability management, approves the roadmap and targets, and reviews and approves the materiality matrix. 

The Global Sustainability Team develops and executes the sustainability strategy, integrates sustainability across all divisions of the group, leads reporting activities, and liaises with external stakeholders. 

The Cross-Divisional Authority Delegation (Extended Leadership Team) is responsible for leadership accountability across business units, regions, and functions on key stakeholders’ principles and KPIs. It mobilizes employees to implement strategies. 

The Sustainability Champions support our DOMO Beyond system implementation, and oversee regional-level initiatives. 

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Dr. Bouchra Caret-Rhers

Dr. Bouchra Caret-Rhers

Manager Corporate Sustainability