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In 2019, DOMO unveiled a refreshed logo and its new company signature: caring is our formula. These words reflect our ambition and guide our actions and demonstrate what drives us.

Caring is our formula to engineer solutions that decisively contribute to changing the world, sustainably and for the better.

Become a solution designer and developer, tailor-made with a positive environmental impact.

DOMO creates materials the world relies on every day. Our high-tech polymers are used in nearly every area of modern life and in a wide range of industries: Automotive, construction, healthcare, cosmetics, energy, electronics, sports and leisure.

But we don't just produce materials. Together with our partners and customers, we're taking big steps to tackle a fundamental challenge: Shifting towards a Circular Economy. To achieve this bold goal, we're innovating efficient ways to close energy and material cycles, pushing the boundaries of what is possible with polymers.

Our brand

Change of logo

old brand

domo: the strength of chemicals

Until October 2019, DOMO presented itself as a nylon 6 player through an oval logo. After over 20 years in existence, both the oval shape as well as the small letters represented an outdated design and layout. The "strength of chemicals" signature reflected DOMO's previous business ambition of providing chemicals and resins to customers while neglecting the company's increasing commitment to sustainability and innovation. 

new brand

DOMO: caring is our formula

The new logo conveys what DOMO stands for: in motion but still focused – ambitious but flexible – modern and global – attractive. We also developed a more impactful blue as a deeper version. "Caring is our formula" reflects our caring belief and embodies DOMO's main difference – the quality of relationship, to our employees and to our customers, all our stakeholders – and our way to consider the future summarized into the « care » concept.

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is our formula

La cura è la nostra formula - e formulare soluzioni che trovino il giusto equilibrio tra persone, pianeta, prodotti e profitto è il nostro modo di fare business.