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If you have any questions, concerns or requests, please either write us an email or contact one of our plants which you can find below. 

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DOMO Chemicals operates in different countries and serves its customers globally. Please click on the department to find your contact or use our contact form if you are unsure. 

Our DOMO plants

DOMO Chemicals GmbH
Nylon & Intermediates
Flag Germany

DOMO Caproleuna GmbH

Am Haupttor, Bau 3101
06237 Leuna, Germany

DOMO China
Engineering Plastics
Flag China

DOMO Engineering Plastics (Jiaxing) Co., Ltd.

Building 19, No. 500 Kanghe Road
314000 Xiuzhou District, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China

DOMO EP Premnitz
Engineering Plastics
Flag Germany

DOMO Engineering Plastics GmbH Premnitz

Paul-Schlack-Straße 2
14727 Premnitz , Germany

Engineering Plastics

DOMO Engineering Plastics India PVT LTD.

400710 NAVI MUMBAI Thane MH , India

DOMO Engineering Plastics Arco
Engineering Plastics

DOMO Engineering Plastics Italy S.P.A

Via Linfano, 18
38062 Arco, Italy

Engineering Plastics

DOMO Engineering Plastics Poland Sp z o.o.

UL. Walczaka 25
66-407 Gorzów Wlkp, Poland

Engineering Plastics

DOMO Engineering Plastics US, LLC

4917 Golden Parkway, Suite 300
30518 Buford, GA, United States

Nylon Film Solutions

DOMO Film Solutions S.p.A.

Via Marconato, 8
20811 Cesano Maderno, Italy

DOMO Spain
Nylon & Intermediates

DOMO Polymer Solutions Spain

Avenida de la Estación 74
17300 Blanes (Girona), Spain

DOMO Polytechnyl SAS
Engineering Plastics

DOMO PolyTechnyl SAS

Plateforme de Belle Etoile
Avenue Albert Ramboz, BP 103
69192 Saint Fons, France, France

Performance Fibres

DOMO PolyTechnyl SAS

220 avenue des Auréats
26000 Valence, France

Engineering Plastics
Flag Germany

PolyTechnyl Germany GmbH

Hermann-Mitsch-Str. 36A
79108 Freiburg, Germany

Xentrys Leuna Gmbh
Nylon & Intermediates
Flag Germany

Xentrys Leuna GmbH

Am Haupttor, Bau 3101
06237 Leuna, Germany

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Caring is our formula – and formulating solutions that strike the right balance between people, planet, products and profit is our way to do business.