Integrated production 2

Today, DOMO Chemicals is a unique integrated polyamide 6/66 solution provider focused on continuously strengthening partnerships based on trust with its customers, providing innovative, sustainable and high-performing solutions as well as best-in-class service, and investing in the continuous improvement of its polyamide production and facilities.


Acquisition of Leuna caprolactam site

As a result of a sound modernization and investment policy, the German Leuna site began a marked upturn in 1994. Since then, DOMO Chemicals has established itself as an industry leader and producer of the highest-quality caprolactam on the market.

Since 1994, over 650 million euros have been invested in caprolactam and polymerization, going hand in hand with the development of new products and improvements in quality, technology, processes and efficiency throughout the whole value chain.


Acquisition of Premnitz Engineering Plastics

2002 saw our first foray into the engineering plastics segment. In 2004, another highlight in the history of DOMO Chemicals followed with the acquisition of the PA2000 factory in Premnitz, Germany, which marked the real start of our nylon 6 Engineering Plastics business.


Acquisition of Aquafil Engineering Plastics

The acquisition of Aquafil’s Engineering Plastics business (Italy/US/China) in 2013 marked the global expansion of our activities in that field. Since then, DOMO has been providing specialized engineering plastics solutions to customers worldwide, in automotive and E&E as well as in the industrial and consumer goods segments.


Acquisition of CFP Flexible Packaging

With the acquisition of CFP Flexible Packaging SpA (Italy), a leading European producer of nylon 6 specialty films for the flexible packaging industry, DOMO further strengthened its nylon 6 value chain and expanded its portfolio of innovative products and services.


Acquisition Technical Polymers, LLC.

In June 2015, the acquisition of the US-based engineering plastics specialist Technical Polymers, LLC., added another perfect fit to DOMO’s strategy of growing its innovative capabilities and further enhanced the service level and business opportunities we are able to provide to our global customers.


Investment MAM

In February 2018, DOMO announced its participation in Michiels Advanced Materials (MAM), a Belgian group specializing in high-end window films that make buildings more sustainable by keeping heat out during summer and in during winter. With their combined expertise, the partners work on developing similarly forward-looking solutions for other segments.


Acquisition of Solvay’s Performance Polyamides Business in Europe

In 2020, DOMO closed the deal to aquire the Solvay Performance Polyamides Business in Europe. The acquisition of this leading PA 6.6 business significantly strengthened DOMO Chemicals’ downstream nylon based engineering plastics business - and created a European leader with a top position in PA6/6.6 in Europe.  


Divestment of DOMO Film solutions business to Jindal Films Europe

On April 20, 2021, DOMO closed the divestiture of its Film Solutions business to JPF Italy S.p.A., an affiliated company of Jindal Films Europe.


Domo Investment Group becomes Dovesco

Domo Investment Group rebrands to Dovesco NV. Dovesco unites three business clusters within the group: the investment group itself, real estate company Alinso and DOMO Chemicals.