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NYLEO® is the new brand name for DOMO's Performance Fibers product line, bringing together a compelling combination of well-established performance fibers and groundbreaking new solutions. Based on polyamide 66, NYLEO® is used in numerous applications in the textile, flooring, flock and surface treatment markets. Thanks to its unique properties, it offers a wide range of actions to enhance product performance.  

NYLEO® merges a rich heritage in the polyamide 66-based fiber market with a new focus on innovation with three pioneering products: NYLEO® PROTECT with improved flame retardancy, NYLEO® 4EARTH with enhanced biodegradability, and NYLEO® SAFE with bacteriostatic properties.   

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Sustainable polyamide 6.6 fibers

NYLEO® 4EARTH® fiber demonstrates enhanced biodegradation when landfilled and decomposes within only five years whereas traditional polyamide 66 fiber decomposes in about 50-100 years.

Bacteriostatic polyamide 6.6 fibers

NYLEO® SAFE bacteriostatic fiber to fight against bacteria propagation. A bacteriostatic agent based on silver ions is introduced into the polymeric matrix, creating a long-lasting effect to protect the fibers and inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Flame retardant polyamide 6.6 fibers

NYLEO® PROTECT combines all the advantages of PA 66, such as mechanical performance, comfort, low specific weight and outstanding abrasion resistance, with improved flame retardancy performance up to 28% of limiting oxygen index (LOI).

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