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Polyamides are fascinating materials whose infinite capacity for useful transformation never stops to inspire us. Those we make serve as tough, light, durable and sustainability-enhancing materials in many markets.

Agriculture & Fertilizers

Modern agriculture requires efficient and balanced plant nutrition and maintenance of soil fertility. These demands are shaped by several factors such as crop type, soil condition, climate and market requirements. Our DOMOGRAN® 45 is a long-established, tried and tested fertilizer. 


Innovation in the automotive industry continues to accelerate as the move towards sustainable, electrified and autonomous mobility picks up pace. Vehicles and their parts are evolving to meet critical requirements for a lower carbon footprint, lighter weight, as well as improved performance. 

Building & Construction

Plastics and polymers are increasingly used by the building & construction industry as more flexible, robust and efficient alternatives to traditional, more costly materials. In an age of increasing urbanization and scarce natural resources, this sector is at a critical juncture. 

Consumer goods

Today’s consumer products must fulfill ever greater needs at a time when leisure and work have become increasingly complementary activities. Robust, flexible, lightweight and sustainable engineered materials help us more fully enjoy our lifestyle choices.

Electrical & electronics

In today’s digitally connected world, consumers want products that are safe, reliable, and sustainable. Our homes, cars, businesses and factories are linked, online and outfitted with advanced aids to maximize performance and efficiency. This technology-enabled world depends to a large extent on robust, flexible and lightweight engineering materials.

Fibers & Textiles

The textile industry is a familiar market for DOMO, as our business started with the production of carpet filament. Today we deliver high-quality polyamide 6 and 66 (PA6, PA66) base resins for fiber extrusion, targeting textile, industrial yarns as well as performance fiber applications.

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