Our purpose is to be a great place to work for all our employees and contractors. We want to be an employer of choice, creating valuable relationships with all stakeholders and operating in accordance with DOMO’s values. 
Employer of choice
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Our goal: An engaged, diverse and safe workforce

Responsible employer

When we talk about being a responsible employer, we are referring first and foremost to our responsibility towards our employees. To be innovative and sustainable at the same time, we have to offer our employees an inspiring work environment and a culture of professional development and personal growth. With Care to be Safe, we strive to provide a safe workplace, aiming for zero safety incidents, with common principles and values for employees and contractors everywhere.  

We are also implementing clear and measurable commitments and obligations related to human resources (HR) practice areas such as recruiting and development, compensation, and diversity and inclusion. By 2030, our goal is to be an employer of choice, ahead of the industry benchmark, aiming for 80% employee engagement and employing at least 35% females in middle and upper management.  

DOMO Chemicals: Being an employer of choice
As a company, we can only advance if we enable our people to do so. Our goal is to be a company where everyone is respected, feels safe and is able to contribute. To ensure employee engagement and well-being at work, we create an environment in which safety, health, talent and creativity are integral to everything we do. And involving DOMO employees in our societal and outreach actions is part of our commitment to our communities.
Edyta Gorecka
Edyta Gorecka
Chief Human Resources Officer

Safety is a priority

We aspire to develop a safety culture that is defined by creating trust and accountability through a greater team spirit and a collective ownership of caring for oneself and each other.

In 2021, we launched our Care to be Safe journey that builds on our achievements to date. Care to be Safe is the program that drives our coordinated Health & Safety management approach, and aims to stimulate greater awareness and engagement, as well as a more active Health & Safety culture throughout the DOMO group.   As we “Care to be Safe,” we always aim for our goal of  zero injuries.   

In our journey, we put particular focus on continuous learning and employee involvement in achieving operational compliance and risk control on a daily basis. This is supported by supervisors and managers visibly and actively demonstrating safety leadership. Through these measures, we consistently maintain the highest standards in our everyday activities.  

We are creating a trusting environment where we look after each other to prevent putting people at risk of harm through risk assessment and control measures. We all have a responsibility to keep each other safe. 

The site of DOMO Chemicals at Belle-Étoile, France

Employee well-being and engagement

At DOMO, we recognize that mental health and well-being are also essential to caring for our employees. That's why we have programs like “BE.WELL” to share good practices for positive mental health, as well as advice to support employees experiencing stress. 

We also conduct surveys to assess employee engagement and satisfaction. Our goal is to achieve an 80% engagement rate by 2030. So far, the results are encouraging but show that we still have some work to do to improve employee satisfaction and engagement in several areas. 

Moreover, we continue to roll out our new people strategy, which includes regular performance feedback and career development pathways. We have also established a European Works Council and are continually investing in employee safety and internal dialogue to improve our overall employee experience. 

DOMO Gorzow

DOMO's sustainability ambition

DOMO is pursuing a strategy of sustainable value growth and strives to be, by 2030, a benchmark in sustainable development and social responsibility, and be recognized among the best in the industry.