DOMO Chemicals is a leading supplier of a wide range of intermediate and finished products for polyamide 6 and 66. Our PA6-product range comprises the classic basic and intermediate products of caprolactam synthesis while our PA66-products are based on polycondensation of hexamethylenediamine and adipic acid.

A leading supplier of intermediate and finished products

Chemical intermediates

We maintain close customer relations with a large number of national and international partners, offering a competence-based service, supplying high-quality and environmentally-friendly products. We prioritize reliability, efficient logistics, safety and competent service when supplying our customers.

A reliable source of high-purity chemicals

One of the most famous natural polyamides is silk, which silkworms produce from mulberry leaves. The process we use to make polyamide – better known as nylon, of which we are a leading supplier – has the advantage of also making available many other valuable chemicals and intermediates.

All our high-purity chemicals and intermediates are available to our customers and serve as excellent raw materials for a wide variety of industrial applications. Like our nylon polymers, the products strongly benefit from our high level of vertical integration and the full quality control this gives us over the entire production pathway.

When sourcing from DOMO, not only can customers trust in receiving exceptional quality with a low level of impurities; they can also count on a continuous supply with first-rate service.

Adipic acid, HMD, caprolactam and cyclohexanone

Our hexamethylenediamine, adipic acid and caprolactam are central elements of DOMO’s production and used by many of our customers for their own nylon polymerization. Their high purity is ensured by meticulous testing. 

Our cyclohexanone is produced with a special palladium-based catalyst and advanced process technology that provides consistent high quality. It can be used as a precursor for caprolactam or other organic intermediates, as a solvent in many applications, as well as in the production of pesticides.

Cumene, phenol, acetone and alpha-methylstyrene

Starting from benzene, the first part of the synthesis produces cumene, phenol, acetone, acetophenone and alpha-methylstyrene. Obtained at the beginning of the caprolactam synthesis route, these high-purity intermediates and chemicals can be used to make plastics, solvents and a wide range of other useful products and compounds.

Our acetone is available both in a technical grade and one that complies with pharma requirements for use as excipient, and the outstanding quality of the cumene we produce is ensured by state-of-the-art technology based on zeolite catalysts. All products come with complete documentation and are shipped according to the highest safety standards.

Ammonium sulfate

A valuable byproduct of caprolactam synthesis, this inorganic salt is mainly used as a fertilizer for crop production. We offer it in a naturally non-caking special grade ensuring wide dispersibility in the field, as well as in an industrial grade with anti-caking agent that can be used for many processes, from the production of experimental yeast cultures to making flame retardants.

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