Fibers & Textiles

The textile industry is a familiar market for DOMO, as our business started with the production of carpet filament. Today we deliver high-quality polyamide 6 and 66 (PA6, PA66) base resins for fiber extrusion, targeting textile, industrial yarns as well as performance fiber applications. We offer superior quality PA6 and PA66 granulates under the brand names DOMAMID® and STABAMID®, respectively. These are the formulations of choice for yarn producers looking for high-speed spinning materials that stand out thanks to exceptional evenness in dyeability and excellent mechanical properties, well as maximum comfort and convenience for carpet customers.

Key benefits

Our high-quality PA6 fiber grades are used in nearly all fields of spinning
Your first choice for PA66 for a wide range of fiber and yarn applications
NYLEO® 4EARTH® with enhanced biodegradability decomposes in under five years
Our DOMO grades can be purchased worldwide

Meeting customer needs for high-quality spinning

DOMO fiber grades, available in a wide variety of viscosities, are used in nearly all fields of spinning. Thanks to their outstanding properties, our PA grades have become indispensable to many applications. DOMAMID® and STABAMID® virgin resins provide customers with high quality solutions for spinning products like mono- and multifilaments for textiles, technical yarns and carpets.

Textile filaments for superior performance

Our resins are processed as textile mono- and multifilaments for woven, knitted, warp-knitted and technical fabrics. We offer solutions for all high-speed spinning POY and FDY applications, characterized by exceptional evenness in dyeability and brilliant colors. Their inherent stabilizer ensures excellent heat and light stability for the final yarn application.

Domamid fibers

Carpet yarns for efficient productivity

Over the decades, DOMO has earned an excellent reputation in the PA6 and PA66 bulked continuous filament (BCF) carpet yarn business with solutions for BCF heat set production.

Key benefits of PA-based resins for textile and fiber applications

  • Exceptional evenness in dyeability
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Superior processing properties
  • Maximum comfort and convenience

Learn more about DOMAMID® and STABAMID® base polymers. 

NYLEO® Performance Fibers

Our NYLEO® brand of performance fibers offer high value-added solutions based on PA66 fibers, also known as nylon 66. We have been producing world-class PA66 fibers since 1955 for such industries as non-woven for abrasives and aeronautics, flooring for carpets, high performance textiles, flock for upholstery, automotive interiors and flooring, and many other consumer products.

NYLEO® is also ideal for flocking, for a surface that looks like velvet. The main applications are clothing and upholstery (sofas, blankets, wall fabrics), automotive (window frames, car seats, glove boxes), decoration (velvety interior of jewelry boxes, felt figurines) and toys.

Our NYLEO® product line fosters innovation in nonwoven and functional products, with flame-retardant, bacteriostatic and biodegradable fibers. The latter, using Amni Soul Eco® technology, offers biodegradability while maintaining the standard characteristics of nylon 66, such as durability, long life, high tenacity, soft touch and abrasion resistance.

NYLEO general banner

Meeting customer needs for high-quality PA66 fibers

NYLEO® performance fibers are ideal for:

  • Non-woven: abrasive felts for industrial polishing/finishing, domestic sponges and scouring pads​, breather fabrics for aeronautics, felts for tennis balls and paint rolls
  • Textile: t-shirts, sweatshirts, trousers, socks, suits, denim, footwear, sportswear, active wear, combat shirts, uniforms​ and workwear
  • Flooring: carpets, rugs and wall coverings for public transportation, hotels, offices, residences
  • Flocking: sofas, bedspreads, wallcovering, jewel cases, perfume cases, lip gloss wand applicators, automotive window channels and seats, gloveboxes, clothing, shoes, bags

NYLEO® for non-woven

Among our many innovations for the non-woven world, our NYLEO® PA66 staple fibers can be used for several different non-woven processes, including thermal bonding, chemical bonding, random process, needling and wet-lay process. Our new generation of mass-dyed NYLEO® fibers provides an environmentally friendly value proposition, reducing water consumption compared to traditional bath dyeing, as the color pigments are directly injected in the melted polymer before spinning.

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NYLEO® for textiles

Our NYLEO® polyamide 66 fibers (from 1.7 dtex and upwards) are suitable for all kinds of spun yarns and respond to the requirements of customers for worsted, woolen and cotton spinning.

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NYLEO® for carpet

Our NYLEO® polyamide 66 fibers are exceptionally well adapted for use in carpet because of PA66’s superior tufting and weaving qualities. Also, thanks to its excellent appearance retention and covering power, less weight of NYLEO® fibers per square meter are needed compared to other fibers to achieve a comparable level of performance.

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NYLEO® for flock

With expertise in the manufacturing of polyamide 66 tow for flocking dating back to 1980, we offer the flock industry the largest range of fibers in the world, together with a genuine commitment to the quality of our products, services and customer care. NYLEO® PA66 flock tows are designed to provide top performance for the most demanding applications used in upholstery, clothing, packaging, furniture and automotive. 

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Key benefits of DOMO's Performance Fibers

NYLEO® performance fibers rank among the industry's top polyamide 6.6 fibers with strong benefits: 

  • Superior resilience
  • Outstanding wear and abrasion resistance
  • Higher tenacity
  • Excellent dyeability and color fastness
  • Stable and consistent premium quality
  • Extremely soft feel

Customer commitment

Combining functional efficiency with esthetic qualities, DOMO Performance Fibres integrates DOMO’s technical expertise with an innovative approach to development, production and testing. DOMO’s technical development and service centers will help you design the exact solution you need to respect your product requirements, cost constraints and production considerations. By providing local support around the world while harnessing a global network, DOMO’s experts help you meet your precise requirements.

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