Lightweight structural solutions for smart metal replacement

Based on nylon and other resins, and sold under our Technyl®, DOMAMID® and THERMEC brands, our engineering plastics provide lightweight structural solutions with many metal replacement benefits. They provide long-term heat-stabilized and hydrolysis-resistant materials for under-the-hood and exteriors, as well as UV-stabilized grades and high-quality surface materials for highly aesthetic applications in car interiors and other places.

As engine spaces become tighter, electronic parts increase and aesthetic standards rise, DOMO supplies material innovations that make it easy for manufacturers to keep up. They offer high stiffness with low density, electrical conductivity and electrical surface and volume resistivity, as well as enhanced tribological properties. In addition to improved mechanical and thermal performance, solutions such as our DOMAMID® HCE compounds can also provide superior looks

Electrical vehicle

Why it’s good to go in a circle

By reducing weight and thus increasing fuel efficiency and e-car range, our products based on virgin polymers help to provide more environment-friendly solutions for getting around. To fully live up to our role as sustainable innovator within the automotive supply chain, we also offer materials that support the strong potential of circularity for setting things straight.

Our Technyl4Earth® and ECONAMID® engineering plastics offer a complete range of sustainable PA6 and PA66 compounds, based on high-quality pre-consumer fiber feedstock secured by reliable long-term contracts. Meeting high demands both in terms of durability and ecology, our engineering plastics bring cutting-edge properties like enhanced conductivity to modern auto applications such as LIDAR or camera housings – blended with a low carbon footprint and other eco-benefits.