APT Testing

Designing parts and choosing the optimal TECHNYL® engineered polyamide solution is just the first step in bringing your innovative new products to market. Real-world performance after delivery is what really matters, not only for commercial success and your company’s reputation as a supplier, but also for consumer satisfaction and safety. Experience has long confirmed that testing is the only real way to ensure product quality in any industry.

The DOMO APT laboratory was established to help customers move forward faster and more effectively with parts testing to validate mechanical and tensile properties. The APT expert engineering support team helps reduce your time-to-market through rigorous testing based on your specifications and requirements. 

The DOMO APT laboratory comprises an extensive testing offer for fluids, including circulation, leakage, air pulsation, burst pressure, and corrosion. This is complemented with a test bench for water management systems to simulate the aging of materials in hot/cold water circulation trials at different chlorine and oxygen levels. Customers can evaluate the performance of applications under extensive real-life conditions including adaptive burst pressure, weld line resistance, surface aspect and aging testing.

Key benefits and features of APT

  • Testing for metal replacement, thermal management, corrosion, and more
  • Faster time-to-market for your new parts
  • Robust test benches and custom test bench development
  • ISO TS 1694 quality certified laboratory with extensive automotive sector experience
  • OEM-approved testing capabilities to validate parts
  • 300 sq. meter laboratory with thermal chambers, mechanical benches, fluid and circulation systems
  • Extensive testing possibilities (leaks, hydraulics, corrosion, pressure, tensile, vibration, circulation, and more)
  • High-speed photography (1,000 fps)
  • Dedicated engineering support team

Tailored support to meet your precise needs

DOMO’s SERVICE HUB will give you an innovation head start! DOMO teams are committed to understanding your product requirements and market objectives in order to give you the right support to transform innovation into business success.