Making the transition from parts design to physical production has always been a challenge in the manufacturing industry. Recent advances in 3D printing are changing the game significantly by bringing unprecedented prototyping flexibility, speed, and robustness within easy reach. DOMO’s SINTERLINE® solution takes the concept even further by enabling manufacturers to create high enough quality parts to evaluate and test their designs without the costly and time-consuming process of injection molding.

DOMO’s pioneering line of SINTERLINE® PA6 powders for selective laser sintering (SLS) is the industry reference for functional prototyping applications, thanks to the superior level of mechanical performance it delivers.

Key benefits and features of SINTERLINE®

  • Ideal for small-series PA6 applications and prototyping 
  • Design freedom for highly complex parts with less assembly
  • A high quality solution that is faster and less costly than traditional molds 
  • Cut out pre-production soft molding and tooling (vs. conventional prototyping technologies)
  • Inventory cost reduction for spare parts, tooling, jigs and fixtures by storing digital files and printing out when needed

Tailored support to meet your precise needs

DOMO’s SERVICE HUB will give you an innovation head start! DOMO teams are committed to understanding your product requirements and market objectives in order to give you the right support to transform innovation into business success.