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DOMO at Electro Plast to present the new sustainable flame-retardant materials

March 29, 2022 15:40 - 16:10 Cologne, Germany

At Electro Plast 2022 Conference  on March 29 2022, Cécile Corriol and Xavier Couillens, E&E Development Managers at DOMO, will present the new sustainable flame-retardant materials.

The polyamide range from Domo Engineered Materials is particularly well-suited for a wide range of consumer electronics applications, including connectors, power units, and many other electrical parts. TECHNYL® polyamides support complex formulations that combine flame retardancy, excellent flowability, and low migration to achieve the desired safety, strength, surface, and molding requirements.  

What you will learn

  • What are the new advanced and flame-retardant polymers DOMO is offering for electric & electronic applications?  
  • How could DOMO support customers in their new developments of applications thanks to our expertise and our service center? 

About the speakers

Cecile Corriol
Product Development Manager - E&E Market

Cecile gained a PhD in theoretical and computational chemistry at the University of Liverpool, England. After a post-doctoral fellowship in the same research area in San Sebastian (Spain), she decided to join a research lab in the private sector in France. Along her over 10 years work experience, she slowly moved from a theoretical world to a much more applicative one involving polyamides and flame retardants.

Since 2013 she oversees the technical development of new products to answer business’ needs. She is also in charge of partnerships with customers, suppliers, and external labs from a technical point of view. She watches over customer and plant support and finally is accountable of innovative technical developments on the long-term.

Xavier Couillens
Xavier Couillens
Business Development Manager C&E Market • C&E Market

Xavier Couillens gained in 2000 a Ph. D in Inorganic Chemistry at the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse, France.
He then obtained a two years post-doctorate Marie Curie fellowship from the European Community. He spent these two years in the Research & Development center of Rhodia Polyamide, developing innovative polyamide materials for the automotive market.
He has spent almost 14 years in Research & Development in Italy & France, all on the development of sustainable flame retardant materials.

In 2018, he moved to a Marketing & Business Development position with the scope to capture new markets for halogen free flame retardant solutions.

Want to join

We look forward to meeting you at the Electro-Plast conference in March 2022 in Cologne and to discussing about your needs of engineered materials flame-retardant solutions.