NeMMo 2024
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DOMO Engineered Materials at NeMMo 2024

July 03, 2024 09:00 - 17:00 Rennes, France

At the NeMMo Conference “New materials for future mobility”, a SFIP and SIA event, which will be held in Rennes, France on July 3rd and 4th, François Potier, DOMO R&D Leader, is presenting the revolutionary finding, positioning TECHNYL® PURE polyamide as the material of choice for fuel cell cooling circuits. 


Polyamide: The Ultimate Game-Changer for Fuel Cell Cooling Loops

Fuel cell stacks must be cooled to optimize fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) performance. To maintain fuel cell efficiency, it is vital to minimize the conductivity of the specific coolant utilized. Hence, when choosing materials for the cooling loop of the fuel cell system, it is crucial to prioritize reducing the likelihood of coolant contamination resulting from ion leaching. If the coolant conductivity exceeds 10-20 uS/cm, the fuel cell system's efficiency is compromised. 

Recent experiments conducted by DOMO have revealed the promising nature of polyamides (6 and 66) as potential materials for fuel cell cooling circuit components. A detailed study was undertaken, involving long-term coolant aging experiments to analyze both the conductivity of the coolant and the mechanical properties of the polyamide. 

Additionally, the investigation involved the identification and correlation of the molecules that migrated in the coolant during aging with the observed increase in conductivity. Alongside these experiments, testing of certain components was conducted, leading to the development of a test bench incorporating an ion filter. 

The research findings indicate a surprising buffering phenomenon occurring when polyamide compounds interact with the coolant. This phenomenon enables polyamide to restrict the rise in coolant conductivity over time. 

The introduction of polyamide in fuel cell cooling circuits represents a paradigm-shifting development, heralding a new era in the field. This momentous discovery holds immense potential in revolutionizing fuel cell cooling loops through the utilization of polyamide. 


François Potier – R&D Project Leader 

François Potier holds an engineering degree from ESPCI Paristech and a PhD from University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris 6). François has over 10 years of experience in designing organic-based materials for industrial use. He began his career by working on a new class of self-healing polymers during his PhD. Currently, he works as an R&D project leader at DOMO Chemicals, with a strong emphasis on the e-mobility market and recycling solutions for the automotive industry.