Electro-Plast 2024

DOMO is sponsoring Electro-Plast 2024

March 11, 2024 - March 13, 2024 Brussels, Belgium

Electro-Plast is the annual meeting place for anyone interested in Polymers, Plastics, and their Electrical & Electronic Applications (including E-Mobility), organized by Nortal Consulting. This year, DOMO is sponsoring Electro-Plast 2024. 

Electro-Plast 2024 brings together the entire supply chain:  

  • Suppliers of Electrical & Electronic Equipment: from Wire & Cable to plugs, sockets, connectors, and switches; from lighting parts and lenses to housing and electronic enclosures; from mobile devices to business machines; from electro-domestic appliances to industrial machine-tools; from E-Mobility to Automotive E&E.  

  • Manufacturers of E&E parts, systems, and sub-assemblies.  

  • Moulders, extrusion companies, fabricators, and other plastics converters serving this industry. - Resin manufacturers, compounders, suppliers of masterbatch/concentrate, and additives.  

  • Recyclers and sustainability experts.  

  • Suppliers of processing machinery, tooling, and technology.  

  • Suppliers of testing equipment and services.  

  • Researchers and academic institutes.  


View the agenda: Electro-Plast: International Conference plastics in E&E - Agenda 

If you are interested in joining, please contact us at: communications@domo.org