Our unique webinars present our truly special 360° offering. The topics include: 

  • Lightweight solutions for the automotive sector and in lightweight engineering products
  • The most extensive and high-quality recycled polyamide product portfolio available 
  • Thermal management solutions which improve time-to-market with energy
  • Solutions for the e-mobility market segment
  • Fluid barrier applications with excellent mechanical performance 
  • Design Simulation Services
  • Thermally conductive polyamides
  • Circularity Challenge in the Plastic Industry
  • Glycol resistant polyamides for automotive cooling circuits
Advanced part testing facitilies

Virtual lab tour

DOMO is offering a virtual tour of our Application Part Testing Lab to discover our fully equipped laboratory, where we can support you in fast applications validation. This instalment looks at our thermal management chambers, which chiefly test automotive applications such as air intake manifolds, rocker covers, heating and air ducts, and more. Thanks to our cutting-edge technical expertise and support in the field of predictive simulation and part testing, we can accelerate the development and validation of TECHNYL® applications for the automotive, consumer and electrical markets.

Selected webinar recordings

Discover how DOMO's solutions effectively meet the need for sustainability and innovation in important megatrends such as mobility urbanization, lifestyle, health, and wellbeing. 

Fuel cell applications

Fuel cell solutions

In this webinar, we bring you our special TECHNYL® solutions for fuel cell electric powertrains. Using highly pure and stable compounds, DOMO is able to ensure lifetime performance of stack and system in PEM fuel cell systems. 

Laser Markable solutions

Lasermarkable solutions

Laser marking is very common in the electrical and electronic segment, where customers need solutions that are laser-markable with multiple techniques. Multi-coloured marking requires deep formulation expertise, as the final solution generally consists of a sophisticated mix of pigments and additives. Learn more in our webinar on laser marking of polyamides. 

Mobility intro

Material solutions for new mobility concepts

Learn more about TECHNYL® latest innovations for the e-mobility segment starting from hydrolysis resistant polyamide solutions passing through the orange shades of the high voltage material family and ending with hydrogen tanks dedicated solutions with blow moulding special grades.

MMI Design

Extensive simulation-ready material performance datasets of TECHNYL®4EARTH®

Get inspired by our extensive TECHNYL® 4EARTH® data sets. With TECHNYL® 4EARTH®, DOMO’s goal is to accelerate the use of sustainable polyamides by providing top-performing grades to meet the most demanding technical requirements and broaden the scope of target applications.

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