Following the acquisition by DOMO Chemicals of Performance Polyamides Business (Polytechnyl) in Europe - including the well-known TECHNYL® brand – all current DOMAMID®, ECONAMID® and THERMEC™ branded engineered materials solutions will be merged under one TECHNYL® umbrella worldwide. 

The move, which goes live early next year, will improve the visibility of DOMO’s best-in-class portfolio of PA6 and PA66 solutions, including a full set of new product qualifiers to simplify customer purchasing. 

“This step is all about serving our customers and partners and capitalizing on the strong heritage of TECHNYL®. With sole global supply, our widened portfolio of tailored engineered materials solutions, and the 360° services that address our customer needs, we will better serve a variety of segments with undisputed expertise, opening new opportunities for innovation and collaboration,” said Philippe Guérineau, DOMO’s Chief Commercial Officer Europe and Europe Export The new brand architecture will be effective from 1 February 2022, when the TECHNYL® brand will be distributed exclusively by DOMO Chemicals at a global level. This date marks the end of the bilateral non-compete agreement with BASF, as imposed by the European Commission. The new brand architecture will reinforce DOMO’s brand identity and harmonise and simplify product lines. 

Based on almost 70 years’ experience, the TECHNYL® brands serve a wide range of applications, in the automotive, E&E and consumer goods market segments, helping DOMO to keep growing with its global customers. 

New branding, the same best-in-class products 

The brand merger is focused on helping customers by aligning product descriptions with DOMO’s principles of delivering quality, service excellence and consistency. There will be no change in the composition, technology, or processing of DOMO’s materials. 

“The new TECHNYL® nomenclature will replace the current one in all documentation, such as order confirmations, delivery notes, invoices, certificates of analysis and technical data sheets and, to help ensure a smooth and easy transition, the legacy and new nomenclatures will continue to coexist during a transition period of one year,” said Juliette Breant, Technyl Product Line Manager at DOMO. 

Among the new TECHNYL® umbrella, customers can discover TECHNYL® 4 EARTH Sustainable polyamide based on recycled content with certified CO2 reduction; TECHNYL® SAFE food and water contact; TECHNYL® PROTECT flame retardants polymers; TECHNYL® PURE electrically neutral for all high-purity compounds, for highly sensitive electronics and fuel cell system applications; and, TECHNYL® SHAPE for extrusion & blow molding.  

DOMO sales representatives will contact existing customers with the updated nomenclature of the company’s products, an explanation of the new TECHNYL® qualifiers and a list of all legacy products and their new name. 


* TECHNYL® is a trademark of DOMO. TECHNYL® portfolio is exclusively developed and sold by DOMO in the EEA, Switzerland and, from February 2022, also in all other global regions. 

Our new Technyl Brand architecture

New Technyl® Brand Architecture

Technyl Brand attributes

Technyl® brand Attributes


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Elisabetta Testa

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