DOMO Jiaxing plant certified by UL
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DOMO China receives UL certification for PA66 and high temperature polyamide solutions

DOMO's Jiaxing plant has reached a new step in its UL certification roadmap. After several PA6 solutions, the production of PA66 and high temperature polyamide based materials has now also been officially certified by UL. 

In particular, two new families have been approved for production under UL certification, which guarantees that the materials have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they meet high performance standards. 

The first range is TECHNYL® A 218 V30, 30% glass fiber reinforced polyamides 66, heat stabilized, for injection molding, Yellow Card certified with UL94 HB rating at 0.8 and 3 mm. These materials are recognized market leaders for thermal and cooling management applications within the automotive environment and can now also be produced at DOMO’s Jiaxing plant.  

The second range is TECHNYL ONE® J 60X1 V30, high-temperature polyamides based on a halogen-free flame retardant system, reinforced with 30% glass fibers, with excellent fire performance, heat stabilized, for injection molding. The solutions have a full Yellow Card with UL94 V0 rating at 0.4 mm, unmatched thermal aging properties (150°C electrical RTI - Relative Thermal Index), and outstanding electrical properties, including a high comparative tracking index (CTI at 600 volts and higher). These materials ensure long processing tool life, reduce the corrosion penalty in the injection step compared to halogen-free high temperature materials on the market, and offer strong productivity and design freedom advantages. They target connector applications within consumer electronic and home appliances, as well as high voltage connectors for electric mobility. 

"This achievement will definitely open up new opportunities, especially with global key accounts in consumer electronics, who now have an additional proof of our high standard on a global level", said Fabrizio Cochi - General Manager Asia. 

The UL Yellow Card Plastic Recognition Program is a globally recognized third-party certification of the quality, safety and performance of plastic products. To be certified, companies must meet and maintain strict guidelines through periodic surveillance. "With the growing portfolio of certified solutions in its Chinese operations, DOMO demonstrates the international compliance and global standards of its TECHNYL® solutions," said Florence Schutz - Application Center C&E Market at DOMO.