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DOMO researching new material class

DOMO Engineering Plastics (DOMO EP) is expanding its research activities in the area of thermoplastics. Continuous Fiber composites are a key solutions to lower weight in many applications.

Lightweight applications need less energy to move forward and thus lowering the C02 emissions in doing so. Continuous fiber materials show exceptional high specific strength and stiffness, making these first-choice materials in light weighting. The primary focus here is on Unidirectional thermoplastics layers, otherwise known as UD-tapes. Such thermoplastic UD-tapes exhibit a high degree of directional dependence of properties (anisotropy) and are compatible with existing thermoplastic parts and materials. Such tapes can thus be effectively exploited for smart component design along an optimized load path.

Cooperation with Fraunhofer IMWS, DOMO EP is conducting research into this material group at the Leuna location to expand its product portfolio. The primary goal of this joint project is to research new high-performance glass fiber / polyamide thermoplastic compounds for resilient lightweight structures.

With a project volume of € 395,000 for DOMO EP, this project is supported by the European Union and the Investitionsbank Sachsen Anhalt.