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ECONAMID® claims its place in the sun: A truly sustainable solution for camping owners

DOMO is constantly contributing to a better and more sustainable planet, by providing its customers with solutions with the lowest possible environmental impact. Our ECONAMID® material has once again allowed for the creation of a truly sustainable final application. The great product has now been used in a caravan parking corner steady that ensures a simple and stable base for camper owners at their holiday destination.

Thanks to its large footprint, the stabilizing foot ensures extra safe parking on any camping pitch, by preventing the support from sinking or slipping.

The novelty of the stabilizing foot is that it has been designed with a sustainable material that ensures a very low environmental impact. The foot contains ECONAMID® FL 6G30 500 grey, a polyamide 6 based compound, 30% glass fiber reinforced, made from recycled fiber feedstock that is sourced from the textile industry.

The entire ECONAMID® product range meets an acute and demanding need in DOMO’s reference markets. It specifically caters to the challenge of offering environmentally friendly but affordable products and raw materials, without the slightest sacrifice on quality.

A life cycle assessment (LCA) study performed on these materials illustrates the significant benefits for the environment that come with using this material. The results show that ECONAMID® requires an average of 47% less water, 60% less non-renewable energy consumption, and results in 80% less CO2 emissions, when compared to the use of prime grade alternatives. *

*Data refers to PA6 30% glass fiber reinforced


Elisabetta Testa

Elisabetta Testa

Global Marketing Communications Manager