Key certification renewals ensure top quality for DOMO customers
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Key certification renewals ensure top quality for DOMO customers

DOMO is pleased to announce two crucial certification renewals that were recently achieved. These certifications serve as a quality assurance for DOMO customers. The first one concerns the yearly renewal of the UL certification of our analytical lab in Belle-Etoile. The second achievement is the IATF 16949:2016 confirmation at three plants in Europe.

At its Lyon-based analytical laboratory at the Belle-Etoile plant, DOMO can perform certification tests to demonstrate that TECHNYL® solutions meet required performance criteria against UL standards, without the need for ant additional external validation.

For our customers, UL certification is a guarantee of DOMO’s technical skills, quality and thorough knowledge of high-quality test performance. These are all characteristics that are fundamental to support leading industry players in new developments, especially in the fast evolving electrical & electronics (E&E) and electric mobility fields.

As part of the broader Application Center team the highly qualified technicians of the validation lab serve DOMO’s customers all around the globe. Within the scope of the UL certification audit, the lab is validated on 14 tests, including the standard mechanical tests, as well as electrical tests (dielectric breakdown voltage and strength), flammability testing (glow-wire ignitability and ignition, plus horizontal and vertical burn tests), and long-term aging tests. The lab is equipped and has the knowledge to perform RTI programs internally (RTI = relative thermal index). We also work closely with UL lab and are part of standard working groups to develop new test methods (IEC, ISO).

“Having an internal UL certified lab is a clear differentiator for DOMO, and proof of our in-depth material and testing expertise,” says Romain Berthoud, Lab Manager Application Center at DOMO. “It also enables us to react quickly to customer demands, because at DOMO we understand the importance of just in time support, especially when it comes to implementation of new solutions,” Berthoud adds.

DOMO’s IATF 16949 certification for the automotive industry reconfirmed

The second notable achievement is IATF 16949:2016 confirmation, which re-confirms DOMO’s commitment to delivering the highest Quality Management System standards, required by the automotive industry. With this recertification, DOMO is advancing on its IATF roadmap, aiming for certification of all Engineered Materials sites.

“DOMO’s IATF roadmap is clearly defined,” says Kristina Friberg, Chief Industrial Officer at DOMO. “IATF certification will be extended to several other locations. In fact, DOMO is planning to have the Engineered Materials plants of Arco (Italy),  and Zhejiang  (China), certified by the end of 2025.[At the Italian site of Arco, we have already laid the groundwork this year by meeting the commitments of MAQMSR (Minimum Automotive Requirements based on the IATF standard).” Friberg adds.

IATF 16949 is based on the more general ISO 9001:2015 standard, with the addition of more stringent requirements to be met to achieve certification. This norm represents material producers’ license to operate for the automotive industry, by norming the requirements for automotive production and relevant service parts organizations.

In Europe, three DOMO plants are IATF certified: GORZOW (Poland), BELLE-ETOILE (France) and PREMNITZ (Germany).