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TECHNYL SAFE water contact certified polyamide solutions make drinking water compliance easy

The DOMO Chemicals sites of Gorzow and Belle-Etoile have been successfully audited for the NSF ANSI 61 water contact certification.

We are pleased to report the successful annual audits conducted at our Gorzow and Belle-Etoile sites, carried out by the US-based certifying body, National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), for the NSF ANSI 61 certification. Each year, DOMO sites undergo comprehensive audits to meet and even exceed industry requirements.

TECHNYL® SAFE drinking water certified materials are designed to be compliant with the main national requirements for potable water and to meet the regional regulations for food contact use in the EU, US and China.

This certification ensures the safety and quality of products that come into contact with drinking water. It guarantees that these products have been thoroughly tested and meet strict standards for safe use with drinking water. Specifically, the NSF ANSI 61 tests for chemical contaminants and impurities that are indirectly imparted to drinking water from products, components or materials used in drinking water systems.

“At DOMO we do our outmost to support of our customers to test and certify conformity of their products for the specific end–use ” says Florence Schutz, Manager Application Center C&E Market at DOMO.

Certification documentation allows drinking water system suppliers to reduce the frequency of testing of the final product, thus facilitating drinking water compliance for the customer,” she adds.

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