In the DOMO production plant for high-quality polyamide films: from left to right: Ingo Bräckel, Dr. Dietlind Hagenau, Martine van den Weghe, Luc De Raedt, Managing Director of DOMO Caproleuna GmbH, I. M. Queen of Belgians, I. M. King of Belgians, Jan De Clerck, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of DOMO Chemicals, Oliver Paasch, Prime Minister of the German-speaking Community of Belgium, Dr. Reiner Haseloff, Prime Minister of Saxony-Anhalt, Dr. Gabriele Haseloff, Dr. Christof Günther, Managing Director of I
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Belgium’s king and queen visit the Leuna chemical industrial complex

Royal visit to the Leuna chemical industrial complex: The last stop on the Belgian royal couple’s two-day trip through Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt was the Leuna chemical industrial complex. Accompanied by the Minister President of Saxony-Anhalt Dr. Reiner Haseloff and his spouse Dr. Gabriele Haseloff, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde visited InfraLeuna and DOMO Chemicals today. The royal couple was received by the managing director of InfraLeuna GmbH Dr. Christof Günther, Leuna’s mayor Dr. Dietlind Hagenau and Jan De Clerck, Chairman of DOMO Chemicals’ Supervisory Board.

During their tour through the visitor information center at InfraLeuna, Dr Christof Günther told the visitors about the history, development and the prospects of the long-established chemical industrial complex.

“The royal visit to the Leuna chemical industrial complex makes us extremely proud. For InfraLeuna and all of its employees, it is a very special honor that the Belgian king and queen stopped by to find out about the positive development and the future outlook of our chemical complex,” explains Dr. Christof Günther. “After undergoing extensive restructuring and modernization, Leuna now sets the standards for Europe’s chemical industry in terms of competitiveness and focus on growth. The Belgian company DOMO took over the Caprolactam division of Leuna-Werke (Leuna sites) in 1994 and developed it into a uniquely integrated polyamide manufacturer. As a result of that, we are pleased to further strengthen our good relations with Belgium.”

During the subsequent exchange of ideas and experience under the direction of the Minister President Dr. Reiner Haseloff, attention was placed primarily on the “economic transformation process following Germany's reunification.

“Saxony-Anhalt did extremely well in managing the difficult transformation process that followed 1990. That applies in particular to the chemical industry. Chemical parks like Leuna are the best example of this. Here companies find outstanding location factors. I am very pleased that many foreign companies like DOMO Chemicals have also recognized this. Foreign investments are an important driver for our economy. Thus, Saxony-Anhalt continues to enjoy a promising future as a location,” emphasized Minister President Haseloff.

During their tour of the site, the guests gained an impressive overview of the Leuna chemical industrial complex as it is today. The royal couple’s visit to Leuna ended with a tour of DOMO's production facility for high-quality polyamide film, which started operation in 2018. Jan De Clerck and his spouse Martine Van den Weghe personally greeted the king and queen at DOMO’s production site: “For DOMO Chemicals and for me personally, it is an extraordinary honor to be able to show the king and queen of Belgium our state-of-the-art film production facility. Twenty-five years ago, DOMO settled here at the Leuna chemical industrial complex, since then with Belgian roots, and has invested more than EUR 650 million in the location. With over 600 employees at Leuna, DOMO is one of the largest employers in the region,” explains De Clerck.

Belgium's king and queen visit DOMO's Leuna plant

DOMO Chemicals is a leading fully integrated supplier of high quality materials and solutions with a strong focus on sustainability, such as its ecological ECONAMID® range of engineering plastics. The company offers worldwide an extensive range of nylon 6 intermediates, nylon 6 resins, engineering plastics, fertilizers, packaging films and other petrochemical products. DOMO’s innovative solutions and services cater to the automotive, food packaging, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemicals and electronics industries. DOMO currently has an annual turnover of approx. EUR 900 million with about 1100 employees.

Background of chemical industrial complex in Leuna

Leuna as a chemical park stands for dynamism, innovation and maximum efficiency. Both international corporations and medium-sized enterprises have invested more than EUR 6 billion in the location since 1990, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016. Today, Leuna ranks as one of the leading sites for modern chemistry in Eu-rope.

The interconnections between material and energy industries, a capable infrastructure as well as its excellent strategic location at the heart of Europe are decisive factors for the location’s competitiveness and economic strength. In addition to that, there are also approx. 10,000 people working in more than 100 companies and a production of twelve million tons of goods here every year.

The chemical industry's long-standing tradition in the region lends to the deep bond existing with the people who live and work here. Professionals and specialists who teach and study at the local colleges and universities safeguard the innovative ca-pacity of the companies.

The location’s production profile is diverse. A highly flexible and efficient infrastructure permits traditional bulk chemistry as well as activities in specialty chemistry, which is increasing becoming the focus of many companies. While the advantageous supply of essential raw materials is safeguarded by the connection to the refinery and the interregional pipeline network, local research institutes provide the appropriate structures for developing highly specific products. Local companies also benefit from a well-developed and complex feedstock integration that promotes synergy effects.

The consistent implementation of the chemical park concept, with InfraLeuna GmbH as independent operator of all infrastructures, ensures the synergy effects of the Leuna chemical industrial complex and offers the underlying conditions for a cost-optimized and efficient production of local companies.

InfraLeuna’s comprehensive range encompasses the redundant supply of steam, electricity, fresh water and drinking water as well as wastewater disposal and other services. Even complex logistics services are provided. The owners of InfraLeuna are solely local companies that operate their own facilities at the chemical industrial complex. In this context, the most important thing is always the business success for customers and the further development of the chemical industrial complex as a whole.

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Belgium's king and queen visit DOMO's Leuna plant


Belgium's king and queen visit DOMO's Leuna plant

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